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Women celebrate Bhai Jiuntia in Orissa


AJIT NAYAK | Sambalpur (Orissa), October 7, 2011 10:19
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‘Bhai Jiuntia’ that reflects a family bond between brothers and sister was celebrated in western Orissa on Tuesday evening by the sisters for the well being of their brothers. This is normally observed by the women of the region on the Durgastami and married lady gets an occasion to come to her mother’s home to perform the puja every year.

Fasting on the whole day, they perform puja before the goddess Durga in the evening but they break the fasting only on the next morning after touching the bunch of grass and rice, on the head of their brother wishing them well being and long live.

They get new sarees and ornaments from their brothers as a token of love and affection.  “Bhai Jiuntia’, has been structured in such a way that it reflects family bond between brothers and sisters. It gives a right to a married lady to come at least once to her mother’s house every year to perform the ceremony. They put on the Jiuntia (thread) on theIr hand and prays for the well being of their brothers’, social activist Anil Padhi said.

The festival of ‘Bhai Jiuntia’ gives emphasis on the sacred relation between the brother and sister which continues even after the marriage of the sister. Sister comes to her mother’s home days before the festival and remains busy for the preparation of the occasion. She prepares bunch Duba chaula (108 grasses and 108 rice) for each brothers and remains fasting on the durgastami, she offers the Duba chaula before goddess Durga by putting a jiuntia (thread) on her hand.

She wears new clothes presented by her brother on this occasion. She breaks her fasting on the next day morning after touching’ Duba chaula’ bunch on the fore head of her brother. 

“By offering 108 grass and rice, she prays before the goddess for the long live of her brother. She wishes that her brother should live for 108 years’, eminent pundit Amarnath Mishra said. The sisters assemble in a place with all preparation to perform the puja at a common platform. After that the sisters go to various Puja Mandaps to get the blessings of Maa Durga.

“It gives me immense pleasure when I perform the Bhai Jiuntia. This is one of the unique features of our region where an occasion has specially created to renew the bond between brother and sister every year. Though I visited my mother’s house many a times, but during ‘Bhai Jiuntia’ I never miss to visit” Bharati Sahu said.

The event that was celebrated on Tuesday evening was concluded on Wednesday after performing the rituals by the sisters in their respective houses.  

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