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Thursday, September 19, 2019

"We are Confident"


sandeep dixit, one of the Young Turks of Congress, talks to Pramod Kumar about his party strategy for 2014.
PRAMOD KUMAR | Issue Dated: September 15, 2013, New Delhi
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Everybody seems to say that the Food Security Bill is just an electoral strategy.  What’s your take on that?
The opposition has to blame the government; it’s quite obvious. It is their policy to oppose government’s programs. SP says this program is just for votes and BJP says it is an electoral strategy to woo voters. If opposition protest was tactical then this bill would not have been passed. All parties has shared their views and suggestions which we tried our best to put in the amendment. This bill was passed  only after all the parties agreed. Actually this is a visionary program whose goal is that no one sleeps hungry in the country and the poor people become self- sufficient in food.

Do you really think that this will help Sonia and Rahul Gandhi to realize their electoral dreams?
What harm is there in it when our party counts its achievements in the fields of education, technology, and food security. We are proud that under our forward looking leadership, we thought of these things like technology, education and food security. This new revolution has led to a  new way of thinking whose results will be seen in the coming years when a new generation will give a new thinking to the society. The speculations about the food security bill that its going to be stalled or used as an election ploy are all wrong.

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