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Wanna make a memory...


INDIRA PARTHASARATHY, EXECUTIVE EDITOR | New Delhi, December 1, 2012 19:31
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In one of his interviews, Shah Rukh Khan revealed that his father had once expressed a desire that whenever it was they got to visit Kashmir, they must do it together. After the senior Khan died, his wish unfulfilled, SRK had nearly vowed never to go to that place until Yash Chopra convinced him for Jab Tak Hai Jaan. SRK relented to the man he considered a father figure, and India’s very own Switzerland was once again enlivened on screen by the now deceased legend.

 This trivia reminds us how travel lends itself to help form our most searing memories, beyond the photographic ones. It’s never about the tourist attractions you went to in that package tour, but the day you excused yourself from the group and slipped away to discover a quiet trail; it’s never about the hotel recommended by Lonely Planet, but the trip you were shelterless for a night at the station because it served your budget; it’s never about the picturesque honeymoon destination, but those endearing and some not so endearing quirks of your partner that eventually become yours too.

Find in our pages some travel-related memories, and some destination options where you could make your own unique ones. So the next time you hear Bon Jovi croon ‘wanna make a memory..’, take that as a cue to pack your bags..


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