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Unsolved mystery of Sandle Wood smuggling


DULAL MISRA | Dispur, December 23, 2011 19:58
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With each passing day, the smuggling of Red Sandal wood through Assam is increasing.

During past one decade, forest department of Assam has seized more than 150 tons of Red Sandal wood. Though in Assam the Red Sandal wood has no practical use, its huge transportation to other places has created a mystery.

Though the state forest officials doubt that trucks full of Red Sandal wood may go to the neighboring countries like China, Thailand, and Myanmar, nobody can explain the actual use of Red Sandal wood in those countries.

A special source told The Sunday Indian that Red Sandal wood is used in the nuclear projects of China. The source also mentioned that the gum derived from Red Sandal wood is used in preparing drugs.

The DFO of Dhubri Sukumar Momin told TSI, “In 2006 we seized 9 trucks loaded with Red Sandal wood. We detained 12 people from those trucks. We interrogated them, but no one disclosed any clue of the smuggler racket.”

Momin also said that Red Sandal wood may be transported to the neighbouring foreign country like China, but there are no official documents to support this.

Jitu Das, the conservator of forest Guwahati division, told The Sunday Indian, “Red Sandal wood is mainly cultivated in three states of south India; Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhrapradesh. The smuggler racket carries the Red Sandal wood from those states and transports it to Manipur and Nagaland via Assam. There is no proof of the use of the Red Sandal wood in the nuclear plants of China.”

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