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Thank God that the wife is the vanguard in an imperfect world
ATUL BHARADWAJ | Issue Dated: May 13, 2007
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Thinker, tailor, soldier What is she, homemaker or ultimate companion in all ages and weather? Whatever people may say, a wife is a homemaker, the biggest binding force in the family. She combines with the man in a holy alliance to achieve the ultimate aim of human existence – to perpetuate the human race. Despite her more than equal contribution in building a home, many still consider her to be second fiddle. In a largely patriarchal Indian society, the wife is at times considered to be a commodity with no property rights. But, more importantly, she is expected to create an atmosphere in the home, which inculcates a sense of belonging in the man’s heart.

Ramnik Paintal, a successful model and a beaming wife, is all praise for the institution of family. In an animated chat with TSI, Ramnik said she is “blessed because she is in a relationship which is making the two grow both professionally and spiritually”. She has inherited from her parents the value of devotion to one’s husband. “I get a glass of water for my husband when he is back because I had seen my mother doing this for my father and even my hubby does this for me at times,” says Ramnik. She is probably one of the few urban wives who do not feel shy about admitting their traditional role.

The Fordist family structure, in which the wife is expected to play the conventional role as the caretaker and the manager of the household and refrain from indulging in factory employment, began to change in the 1960s and 1970s. The women’s liberation movement demanded a more fulfilling professional engagement of married women and argued that denying the women her rightful place in the creation of national wealth made bad economic sense. What emerged from this changed economic and social scenario was a post-Fordist model in which the women contribute by going out to work like the men.

In nutshell, a wife is a true companion, who willingly gets into a relationship where she sacrifices her independence to forms lifelong bonds with a man. The husband may be the chief financial officer in most of the families, but a multitasking modern wife is the spiritual head of the family, a role which is as important as any other.
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