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The Winners of Rs. 3,000 are...


TSI | Issue Dated: July 15, 2007
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The Winners of Rs. 3,000 are... Remove bottlenecks

Yes, it’s right that conservation of resources should begin at home, especially when such a large proportion of our population goes to sleep hungry. Micro level efforts would help, but we need to take care of our macro level bottlenecks as well. As per a report this year, a mind-boggling Rs. 58,000 crore worth of agricultural food items go waste. Indeed, such a huge quantity of food items going waste in the country is an eye-opener for every Indian. And this wastage, as per India’s Minister of State for Food Processing Industries, Subodh Kant Sahai occurs at various stages of handling after harvesting due to fragmented farming, provisions in the Agricultural Produce Marketing (Development and Regulation) Act, lack of adequate post-harvest infrastructure such as cold chain facilities, transportation, proper storage facilities etc. But I wonder if he is aware about the condition, and how these food grains are stored? He must go and check that.


Bangalore Energy crisis

At a time when all over the world, people, environmentalists and governments are taking bold steps to save environment, the senate bill seems to be of hardly any respite to Americans. It has thrown just a few bones to create the impression that they are “doing something.” But the hard fact is that the “new” energy bill will not solve coming energy crisis, but will create more problems than it solves. As Thomas Friedman pointed out, as per the bill, ethanol requirement will use up more than half of America’s corn crop, ultimately eroding soils and depleting groundwater supplies. It is high time that people pay heed to issues like these.

Mukesh Singhal

Via e-mail The Winners of Rs. 3,000 are... Slap on cbi’s face

Your cover story on Nithari is a slap on the face of CBI. So far, the CBI has filed all the chargesheets for the murder of several young girls. It is really sickening to find that CBI thinks that there is no involvement of the house owner in any of these dirty acts. Why is it that the CBI couldn’t manage a single confession from Pandher?

Kavita Aggarwal

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