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The Winners of Rs 3,000 are...


TSI | Issue Dated: May 20, 2007
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The Winners of Rs 3,000 are... Fake patriots

Not many tears have been shed by the public over the fake encounter of a man and the brutal murder by his wife by the “patriotic” Gujarat policemen. The man, S. Sheikh was no doubt a criminal, but which statute gave the right to these “public servants” to kill him and his wife. Even worse was that the IPS officer celebrated the heinous act with his son. We have an astounding system where encounters are a legitimate means of eliminating the criminals, forgetting that this gives a carte blanche to the police to achieve their ulterior motives. To justify encounters is an insult to our judicial system and subverting the democratic set-up. This is none other than absolute anarchy.

Jaspreet S. Oberoi

Punjab Production hit

On 29 April, Assocham’s report stated that there would be 20%-25% power shortage in May-June. The effect would be a 10%-12% drop in the industrial production in northern and western India. Prasoon Majumdar has very rightly pinpointed that failure, delays and cost overruns of several projects is going to hit more severely. If we don’t work on alternative sources of energy right away, then even the GDP of the country is going to adversely affected. Maharashtra, the most industrialised state, is faced with the worst crises ever, with energy deficit touching about 20% and peak deficit exceeding 4,200 MW. Redemption seems distant.

Vipin Sharma

Thane The Winners of Rs 3,000 are... Merchants or mps?

Both the reports featured in the TSI on the MPs (their being absent from the Parliament sessions and human trafficking) made quite an interesting read. The facts that were brought forth were shocking. In order to make fast money, they cheat on their voters & misuse their power. MPs draw a salary of Rs 25,000, Rs 10,000 as constituency allowance, Rs 14,000 as office expenses. One would be horrified to learn that in the last season, the most important bill that our MPs found worthwhile to pass was that of a hike in pay and perks. God save India from such selfish cretins.

Richa Aggarwal

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