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Saturday, May 30, 2020

US: Attack on syria

The Principle of bivalence


SRAY AGARWAL | Issue Dated: November 30, -0001, New Delhi
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In 1942, George Orwell, in an essay titled ‘Pacifism and the War’, wrote, “If you hamper the war effort of one side you automatically help that of the other. Nor is there any real way of remaining outside such a war as the present one.”

Orwell's aphorism was intoned by Hillary Clinton, on September 13, 2001, when she said: "Every nation has to either be with us, or against us. Those who harbor terrorists, or who finance them, are going to pay a price," which was further iterated officially in the most official manner by George W. Bush, on September 20, 2001, as he warned the world, "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists."

There was a time, when the US could dictate the world on its own terms. But now, history seems to be in a different mood. It seems to be in a mood to revolt against what it has been doing for ages. Consider this: US President Obama’s plan to attack Syria has not garnered the universal support of even its allies the way other POTUS's received. Britain has demurred and all his other allies have only grudingingly consented to back him. Even his own countrymen are not in favour of the attack, which is evident by a recent NBC poll where “50% opposed military action on Syria in response to the evidence of chemical weapons use by the regime. Only 42% offered support.” The Arab League in a meeting in Cairo also requested the UN to tackle the Syrian issue diplomatically and also presented their views against the war.

Even in the UN, the US met with a lot of opposition from several corners. Most of the permanent members of the Security Council didn't support air strikes and missile strikes over Syria.

But then, against all such reservations, the US seems to have decided to go with the attack. It will probably include Syria in its new axis of evilto justify its action against a so-called rogue state. Such audacity goes against the general drift of global opinion and would only break America's ties with many Arab nations besides leaving it with lesser number of friends in the future.

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