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"The Opposition has to cooperate"


TSI TEAM | Issue Dated: April 13, 2012, New Delhi
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Excerpts from an interview with minister of state for parliamentary affairs Pawan Kumar Bansal

With allegations of one or the other scam raining in on the UPA government every other day, the job of a minister for parliamentary affairs has become a little too challenging. Would you agree?
The job of a minister for parliamentary affairs is always challenging because on him or her lies the responsibility of keeping the Opposition satisfied. He has a unique role to play, he acts as the go between the government and the opposition which entails a lot of hard work and coordination.
The last few sessions of Parliament have virtually been wasted and there is a mountain of bills to pass. What plans does the government have?
The role of opposition parties is to review the work of the government. There can be debates on the floor of the house and this government is ever willing to thrash out any issue there. But it now appears that opposition parties have lost all interest in constructive debates; they are only interested in creating an atmosphere where the situation becomes so chaotic and disorderly that there is no option left for parlaiementary officials except to clamp adjournment. A lot of precious time of the house is thus being wasted.
In the current session of Parliament, there are many bills like the Finance Bill and the Lok Pal Bill which have to be ratified by the Parliament. Do you see it happening?
The responsibility of passing the bills lies with the government but it is equally important that the opposition cooperates. No bills can be passed with their help. We can only hope that with their assistance, we would be able to best utilise the days left of the Monsoon Session.
There is a general feeling that with mounting corruption charges, the government is unable to implement its own decisions.
Not true. The Congress has no truck with corruption. Which is why ministers accused of graft have had to face charge sheets and even imprisonment but the opposition is not willing to acknowledge it because their own politics will then come to an end.
Do you think this government could crumble under the weight of its own contradictions?
The opposition would want it that way but there is no danger to the government. It is true that we do not have the numbers in the Rajya Sabha but that is not the situation in the Lok Sabha. These are tales put out by opposition leaders. Talk of a mid-term elections etc is mere speculation and have no basis.


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