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Pratishtha Malhotra chats with the super cool Abhishek Bachchan on what’s booming after Dhoom and how his path has been so far...
PRATISHTHA MALHOTRA | New Delhi, January 31, 2014 13:43
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You have played the role of Jai Dixit consecutively for 2 installments of the Dhoom series. How did you approach it for the third time?
Jai is the same in the third instalment of Dhoom . There is an emotional connect with Dhoom . Dhoom was my first successful film, my first big hit. The franchise will always be special and I hope that it remains that way.

This time the super villain in the film was Aamir Khan, how was it to work with him? Did you ever feel that his character might overshadow yours?
Just because Aamir is there, why should it be difficult? The focus stays on the script that is the most important. No I didn’t feel anytime that he might take the centre stage, anyway I am taller than him (Wink). It’s a pleasure to work with him. Which actor would not want to work with Aamir at least once in their lifetime? He’s an actor I have immense respect and admiration for. He’s an actor whose work I really appreciate. I’ve always wanted to do a film with him and you want to be on set with such a wonderful actor just to observe an actor like that and learn.

What as an actor matters to you the most?
People should appreciate the film. We work for the audience. Does box office matter? Yes, But how much? People should not lose money on the film, that’s the only criteria. I really don’t think the audience is interested at all in what box office collections are. Audience cares about whether it was a good film or a bad film and not the box office collections. We within the industry, and when I say we I am talking about you the media, us actors and people who work within the film industry, we bother about these things. We have to quantify, analyse, categorise. So for us it’s of great importance.

You’re a producing a film with R Balki, how are you planning to go about it?
Balki’s new film is a bigger film and will require a much higher budget. We are in the process of locking down things and are in the pre-production  phase of our film. The story requires that. This film is going to be with Pa and Dhanush . Then we start a film in which I am going to be acting in September and that’s a very mainstream kind of a film.

Sholay was re-released in 3D recently…
Sholay is a great film. I had gone for the premier of Sholay back then while my mum was carrying me in her stomach. It’s shocking that I have never seen Sholay on screen ever. I asked my friend Rohan when it was about to complete 25 years many years ago that why don’t you digitally remark it and re-release it. That time there was some copyright issue and they couldn’t do it. But now I was really excited to see it on the big screen for the first time. I have seen it hundreds of times on television, on DVD, on VHS but never on the screen before.

Regional Cinema is getting its due finally and doing really well. So would you be open to do some work regionally?
I have done 2 Bengali films. I am an actor, if I am comfortable I am willing to work in any language. If I feel I can do justice to that role and overcome the hurdle of the language then I am definitely open to it.

What is that one fear that scares you in and out at this point in time as an actor?
That I’ll wake up one day and no one will allow me to make films. Every actor has this fear.  That is the fear we face every Friday. You need to prove your worth every Friday when your film releases and that is every actors fear that you wake up in the morning and the phone doesn’t ring and you’re out of job. But you have to take what every Friday brings, overcome it and move on and hope that they give you another opportunity.

You and your father are a treat to watch together. How well do you both gel with each other?
Great. He’s my friend.  My father told me the day I was born that I am not going to treat him as my son but as my friend and till date he treats me like his friend.  He is my buddy. I can talk to him about anything . When I went for clubbing at night for the first time my father took me. The first time I drove a car he taught me how to drive. I have had the liberty to go up to him and talk to him about anything. I have never hidden anything from him.

You’re working with Shah Rukh Khan again after Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna in Happy New Year. How was working with him this time?
In KANK we were on the set at the same time but didn’t

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