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Go green in your homes too, not just in the garden…
ISHAN RAYCHAUDHURI | Issue Dated: January 9, 2011
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In the clamour for most things “sustainable” these days, we have forgotten a very important part of our lives: our homes. According to the World Green Building Council (WGBC) September 2010 report, “The building sector is responsible for 60 % of the world’s electricity consumption…earning its title as single largest contributor to human-created emissions.”
So how does a ‘green house’ counter the harmful greenhouse effects? Terence Mathews at RareEarth Developers, makers of eco-friendly and sustainable living spaces, expounds on the features of a green home, “The Bio(Archi)tecture has to have all the elements of nature…air (circulation/ventilation), light (solar heating and lighting), space (less foot print of the building), water (Rain water harvesting and reuse), energy (Use of zero or low energy building materials) etc.” Green homes are purported to be 40-60 % more energy efficient than regular constructions if the usual
suspects – lighting and heating – are kept in check. That however does little to upset the budget for they only come at a slight 10-15 per cent differential over conventional construction materials. That too is recompensed by the energy savings in the long run.
In a new construction, Mathews suggests using “zero/low energy building materials, extensive use of solar for heating and lighting, energy-efficient lighting (LED/CFL/Low power fans, solar ACs, geothermal ventilators, etc) and kitchen appliances.” Before built apartment residents consider controlled
detonation, Mathews offers, “Change the existing lighting to LED or CFL. Use stairs instead of elevators, use bio-fuel generators for back-up power. Install solar ACs or geothermal ventilators. Capture rain water for reuse.”
Go on, make a difference; like charity, conservation begins at home too.

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