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The fury of women scorned, terrorised


SATISH PATIL | Issue Dated: October 16, 2011, New Delhi
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Eight years ago in a Nagpur slum, no woman used to go to the hand pump to fetch water. Verandas used to be cleaned before sunrise, and no girl would be found sitting outside her house in the evenings. All this because of the fear of Akku Yadav, the local goon. People were fed up.

The police did not take any action. Finally, the slum women took the law into their hands: they killed Yadav in broad daylight in a District Court. Today, life is back to normal... Describing the years of terror, Maya Somkuvar, 50, recalls: “About 10 years ago, Yadav pulled my husband out of the house and beat him viciously. ”

Sitabai, another resident, says: “Yadav once knocked on our door, but we did not respond. So he went to the neighbouring house and took a girl away.” Ishwar, son of Bhaghirathibai, says: “While Yadav was alive, I couldn't focus on my work. I was worried about my family. Now I feel  a major burden off my shoulders. ” 

The police registered cases against 22 for Yadav's murder. Pinki Shambharkar, an accused in the case, has two children,  Aniket (11) and Saloni (9), both studying in the local convent school. She said: “I was brought up in the slum, and till Yadav's death, I never came out of my house. But now ‘terror’ is no more, and people can breathe freely.”

However, though all the accused in this case have been released on bail, they are tired of taking rounds of the court. 

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