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TSI | Issue Dated: April 8, 2007
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THAT'S ONE INTERESTING ASSEMBLY! Researchers at the Macromolecules and Interfaces Institute at Virginia have reported the synthesis of new block like copolymers, which self-assemble and are also extremely stable in a saline solution. The study reveals that the self assembly of these tiny, rod-like copolymers is a result of the like-charges interaction, similar to the natural polymers such as DNA, which in turn would lead to newer applications in the field of drug delivery and gene delivery systems to combat several diseases!

Consequently, this unique study would also prove to be a stepping stone in understanding the forces that play an instrumental part in the dense packing of DNA when complexed with viruses and various other polymers. Self assembly, amazing, eh? Well, even more when you realise that your hair, teeth and skin are a result of the same!
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