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Pillar to post, for a passport


SANDEEP SINGH, VIA EMAIL† | Issue Dated: May 13, 2007
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Kudos for your hard hitting cover story and also on being able to procure a Nepalese passport! However, I would like to point out the cumbersome procedure one has to go through to get a passport in India. Things may not look so bad on the surface, but to get a passport you really have to run from pillar to post. The ordeal for a common man begins as soon as one reaches the passport office, which is swarming with touts who can get things done for you with speed, at the right price of course. I have visited the passport office a number of times and there has not been a single time when I was not required to visit it more than once for the same work. It seems to have been set as a benchmark by the passport officials, whether you need a fresh passport or you go to renew an existing one. I had to visit the passport office recently, as I lost mine. I was unaware of the ordeal that lay ahead. The questions and rude behaviour of the officials made me consider if I should approach a tout. In contrast, it was really scary to read how easy it is to procure a Nepalese passport. I hope the day will come soon when an honest tax paying citizen wonít have to keep going around government offices for getting important documents made in a legal way. I think this is most urgent.
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With a clean humor.

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