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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Operation Bluestar confessions


PUJA AWASTHI | New Delhi, February 6, 2014 15:08
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Britain’s admission of help to India on Operation Bluestar, though described as `limited’ and `purely advisory’ has drawn a barrage of criticism with the Akali Dal leadership accusing the Congress and former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of betrayal. Prakash Singh Badal described it as “the gravest sin against the Sikhs, the Punjabis and the people of India”. Other viewpoints link the military operation to UK’s need for defence sales. That the UK government was aware of the possible fallouts has been made obvious.That the military advisor’s visit which called for complete secrecy because if found out “the Indians would never forgive us”. Already reeling under criticism for Rahul Gandhi’s unmerited distinctions between the riots of 1984 and 2002, this latest admission will add to the woes of the Congress. One dare has already come in the form of calling out to the Congress vice president to test the electoral waters in Punjab to know what the people really think of him. Now that is a rally tough call.

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