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One after the other


MEGHANA A, HYDERABAD | Issue Dated: May 13, 2007
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One after the other The Virginia Tech massacre is the worst of its kind in American history. It is difficult to believe that the massacre is the handiwork of a jilted lover, as some reports suggest. The truth, it seems, lies somewhere else, perhaps in a bigger conspiracy to create a scare within US campuses. Now, in less than a week after the bloodiest campus massacre, an engineer working at the high security Johnson Space Center of NASA in Houston gunned down a colleague before killing himself with his licensed weapon. These incidents have sparked a serious debate in the US on whether people should be allowed to possess a gun as easily as is the situation today. But the pro-gun lobbies, due to their business interests, say that people in the US, including school and college students, are highly vulnerable to attack from various quarters and so they must possess a firearm for security reasons. The gun-right lobbies have enormous influence in US political circles, as they contribute handsomely in election campaigns. It is, therefore, not easy to get a law changed if it does not suit the arms lobbies.
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