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Monday, March 27, 2023

Nehru's 1962 Debacle


PUJA AWASTHI | New Delhi, March 22, 2014 16:03
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A report, hid by the government for the last 50 years, which contains a detailed operational review of India's military debacle in the 1962 war against China has been revealed to note how "The Indian Army was ordered to challenge the Chinese military to a conflict it could only lose". Retired Australian journalist Neville Maxwell has put a section of the Henderson Brooks report on the conflict on his website claiming that he was driven to do it because of the Indian government’s unwillingness to declassify it. He holds Jawaharlal Nehru personally responsible for the war. China was provoked to launch a full-blown military invasion into India on October 20, 1962 by Nehru's ill-conceived and poorly executed Forward Policy, set in motion almost a year ago. "The reasons for the long-term withholding of the report must be political, indeed probably partisan, perhaps even familial," according to Maxwell.

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Issue Dated: Feb 5, 2017