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Mickey Virus


Not so viral
ISHAN RAYCHAUDHURI | New Delhi, November 1, 2013 17:27
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Vicky Donor hit the right cords with the audience, and did a world of good for Ayushmann Khurrana. It seemed like he had the perfect vehicle for his entry into the Bollywood scene. And then we have Mickey Virus which was supposed to do the same for Manish Paul. After all, both films had a different concept, both films didn’t have big names as a part of the star cast. Heck, even the names of the films almost matched (or is it only me who noticed?). But alas! It isn’t the same for Paul...

Directed (and written) by Saurabh Varma, Mickey Virus is a comedy thriller aimed to tickle your funny bone while also keeping you at your seat’s edge (its a thriller, remember?). At least that’s the reaction that Varma hoped to see in the audience. But alas! Yet again! That’s not what exactly happened…

True, there are some witty one-liners in the film (I’ll give him credit for that), but the script falls short of bringing out the true acting potential of Manish Paul. We had seen Manish laugh, joke and even dance during his hosting stint with Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 6, and as such we expected much more than what we actually got to see. At times, the comedy is forced and so not real (despite all the attempts to make it Delhi-like) and the sexy (or should I call sleazy?) number by Eli Avram does little to salvage the film.

Varun Badola as Inspector Devender Bhalla has done a good job and his character really stands out. And then there are other characters who have names like Floppy and Chutney to make them more interesting, but their names are the only things that you’ll remember once you step out of the theatre.

As far as the plot goes, Varma has tried something different: portraying the life of a hacker who is roped in to solve an important investigation. The concept is interesting and different, but the problem comes when the hacker is typecasted as someone who is a lazy and always-looking-for-a-shortcut kind of guy, and (if you’re someone who knows anything about hacking), you’ll be disappointed by the way the story has been handled.

During the 135 minutes that you’ll sit in the theatre (maybe glancing at your watch more than you would otherwise), one thing that you’ll notice is the clever typography on the t-shirts worn by the characters onscreen. But then again, if you’re reading what’s written on the t-shirt, then that itself gives you a hint of how interesting the story is, doesn't it?


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