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Friday, August 23, 2019

Leopard attacks 3 in Guwahati, 1 critical


HEMANTA PHUKAN | Guwahati, January 7, 2012 16:00
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Tresspassing of wild cats into the human settlement has become a everyday phenomena in recent times. One more such incident took place when an adult leopard moved to the Nabagraha residential area in Assam on Saturday. The big cat suddenly attacked a passer by and him injured seriously. The leopard then attacked two more people and entered a deserted room. Panicked by the situation people closed themselves behind doors. The nearest Chandmari police station and the Forest Department were then informed about the attack.

The forest team from the Guwahati State Zoo rushed to the spot and tranquilized the leopard to bring it back to the zoo. The three victims were rushed to the Guwahati Medical College Hospital. Hospital sources said that one of them is critically injured. Till the report is filed, the names of the injured persons could not be collected as the police team from Chandmari police station yet to come back.

Wild animals are under threat in terms of their natural habitat due to the encroachment by human and industrial settlement. It is a common scenarion across the country's developing cities and towns. It can be mentioned here that the leopard can adapt itself in a new environment like 'jungle of concrete' (city). This is the reason why such attacks are becoming a matter of concern for the residential people in the recent past. In Guwahati such problems have been aggravated as more than 15 small and big hills are there, in and around the city.

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