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Kid of sixty years?


History proves sixty years is enough time for a nation to grow up
PATHIKRIT PAYNE | Issue Dated: July 15, 2007
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Kid of sixty years? How long is 60 years in the voyage of a nation? Well not much as many would say. And as often one pops up the question as to when would India become the best and not just the largest democracy in the world, quite simultaneously the counter argument that is put forward is that USA took more than two hundred years to reach the present level. And by that standard India is still in its adolescence. Accepted, but what about Japan,

In 60 years’ time with the right kind of resolve...

India could have been the third largest economy like Germany.

Could have achieved a UNDP Human Development ranking of 7th like Japan.

Could have been as aggressive and the fastest growing economy like China.

Could have had a per capita income as high as that of South Korea.

Could have been as aggressive and united as a nation as Israel.

Germany, China and South Korea? Each of these countries started a similar journey like India but without the luxury of all the infrastructural facilities that the British left back for an independent India. And all of them started a new journey like India in the 1940s. At the end of the World War-II, both Japan and Germany were reduced to rubble. But in less than thirty years of time they emerged to be among top economies of the world. Till today Japan is the second largest economy (GDP $4.88 trillion) followed by Germany (GDP $2.87 trillion). They strived and succeeded in coming out of the stigma of being responsible for WWII. While the country which is literally giving them a run for their money is also the one which almost started as a new dispensation in 1949 after the communist revolution led by Mao. This country, i.e. China along with South Korea (formed in 1948) has been far behind India till the 1970s and used to look up at it as a model state to emulate. Yet in the last three decades they surged far ahead to become role model for India. While we continued with our endless debates. While we got stumped by our baggage of idealsim they with their pragmatism created jobs for their countrymen. Today China is almost two and half times the size of Indian economy and in terms of technology to catch with South Korea en masse is at best a day dream for us.

The question is, what we could have achieved in same period with the right kind of resolve, essentially the type the Japanese and Germans had. We by now ideally should have been outsourcing work to the developed world instead of the other way round..So next time dont take the excuse of time.
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