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Kalam is an ideal President


TSI | Issue Dated: July 15, 2007
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Kalam is an ideal President Refer to “Pratibha or Shekawat?” (TSI July 1). Where was the need to have a woman president that too with some political background? It is best if the president is a non political person just like Dr. Abdul Kalam. But no political party seems to be interested in his second term, why? Just because he is far above politics? Moreover, the suggested names for the next president by all political parties stand nowhere near Dr. Abdul Kalam. One reason may be that during his present tenure, he had returned the Bill of Office of Profit with certain valid questions but his suggestions were ignored. It proved that all politicians and political parties are not working in the public interest and for their personal interest they can go low to any extent!

M. Kumar

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