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It just takes one Arvind Kejriwal! Sadly, there is only one!


ARINDAM CHAUDHURI | New Delhi, November 1, 2012 19:48
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Arvind Kejriwal’s series of attacks reminds me of a tale by Hans Christian Andersen, ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, where two weavers design a new attire for the emperor that, they tell the emperor, will be only visible to those who are honest and loyal. The emperor subsequently dons the ‘attire’ to test his subjects’ loyalty, much to the amusement of his citizenry. Arvind Kejriwal, like the child who laughed at the emperor and dared to shout that the emperor is actually parading naked, is ripping out the false masks from the faces of many such self-proclaimed political and corporate emperors and has dared to show their real faces to the world.

Arvind Kejriwal’s storm of lethal revelations against the alleged corrupt political parties, Congress and BJP, has upset the tricky equations between the government and industry and their nexus that has been regularly facilitated by the incumbent parties. He has set the tone that is becoming increasingly uncomfortable and scary for mainstream political parties, who could have earlier afforded to patch-up over such common vices. It all started with the most coveted Robert Vadra. For years now, people in media and everyone else with an idea of things around, had been whispering about his deals. And it’s not just about DLF, but about many other big, realty companies! However, in spite of almost all real-estate owners and politicians being conversant with the Vadra-DLF knot, none ever tried to question this fixture. Arvind had the courage to come out with it in public and with proof! He reiterated that DLF granted favours to Robert Vadra wherein Vadra used black money worth Rs 500 crore to purchase properties. In return, DLF gave an interest-free loan of Rs 65 crore to Vadra and Co. Moreover, numerous discounted residential flats were gifted to Vadra and Co. in Gurgaon, Haryana. Given the fact that Vadra is closely ‘related’ with Congress, the party’s powers-that-be in Haryana gave land meant for public utilities (and from the green belt) to DLF with easy clearances for an express-lane as well.

After Robert, Arvind went out to less significant exposés concerning Salman Khurshid and Nitin Gadkari – though strangely, while the Vadra case was buried by the media in a couple of days, and Khurshid’s in two more days, Nitin Gadkari’s relatively less consequential business deals are something the media seems to have taken an excessive liking for! While the other allegations concern misusing public money, Gadkari’s seem more of private business dealings. However, corruption is corruption. And the biggest storm that was unexpected in the corridors of crony capitalists came on October 31, 2012. In a press conference, the activist-turned-politician Kejriwal tagged the Reliance-politicians’ nexus as crony capitalism – again, this was something everyone was always speaking of – and pointed out how the entire political spectrum, not just Congress, extended undue favours to Reliance – of course, Congress in particular. All these parties are in fact – in Kejriwal’s articulation – in Mukesh Ambani’s pocket. The press release by Kejriwal’s India Against Corruption, published by many media houses, mentions, “RIL takes away more than 80% of profits and the government gets less than 20 per cent of profits.” Kejriwal also adds that Reliance gained Rs 1 lakh crore by plundering the country’s resources. He also accused Reliance of placing students in the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas for their own benefits, and further accused RIL of selecting the Petroleum Minister.

Arvind’s tricky and difficult corruption questions are bringing out names that were beyond our wildest imagination, beyond suspicion, and names that were once sacrosanct. For example, Manmohan Singh – who was always given a clean chit even by his ardent critics – has been accused by Kejriwal of being overtly sympathetic and soft on Mukesh Ambani. He further alleged that the PM referred Reliance’s demand for hiking the gas price midway through the contract to the Accountant General, when such freebies were not considered for even NTPC! The contract for supplying gas to state-owned power plants in the Krishna Godavari Basin, which is allotted to Reliance, echoes of nepotism and corruption. It all started with the NDA government, where the price of gas was fixed at $2.5 per unit for the next 17 years to be supplied to the state owned NTPC; but Reliance revised the rate – initially to $4.25 per unit in 2007 – and then showed its intent of charging $14.24 per unit. All this had the blessings of Manmohan Singh. Kejriwal further exposed how the PM did not raise any concerns even after Reliance broke the contract deal and stopped producing the required 80 mmscmd of gas. The only person in the ministry to raise objections to the guile of Reliance was the former petroleum minister, Jaipal Reddy, who was sacked from his office – for all the obvious reasons. Jaipal Reddy’s honesty in not accepting bribes from Reliance and instead, his act of slapping a notice penalizing them with Rs.7000 crore, was literally putting a cat among pigeons – or rather, a pigeon amongst a group of cats – and he eventually had to pay for his attitude. Kejriwal has consistently maintained that the Prime Minister is complicit in this corruption seesaw. Kejriwal’s allegations further state that, in a similar vein, Mani Shankar Iyer was replaced by Murli Deora in 2006, because the latter was cozier with Mukesh Ambani and had no qualms in raising the gas price from $2.34 per mmBTU to $4.2 per mmBTU. Interestingly, gradually, all voices against Mukesh Ambani were locked up in a closed room where the chairs were replaced with the ones who were aides of Ambani and Co.

The bigger issue – other than the big name-game that Kejriwal has begun – is actually beyond Mukesh and Robert. It is this game of looting the nation that The Sunday Indian has been highlighting since inception without a break. It is about land acquisitions and SEZs; it is about iron ore and coal mines; it is about mobile phone spectrums, power distribution and tariffs; it is about nuclear plants… It is about everything to do with natural resources and national interests. In each such case, the State is acting against the aam aadmi brazenly and in favour of the corporate class, giving rise to crony capitalism. Sadly, on its own, the media mostly gossips about such things in whispers, till activists and brave souls like Kejriwal force them to raise these issues.

Kejriwal’s rise with his organization, India Against Corruption, is in real terms almost like an uprising and a wave of revolutions that has the potential to remake India; that is, if Arvind can sustain this momentum. Many even think that by taking Robert Vadra and Mukesh Ambani head on, Kejriwal has virtually sent a challenge – kill me if you can! Against popular perception – that you will be finished if you take on such sacrosanct names – Kejriwal has become a symbol of focussed and cool-headed bravery, speaking each time with compelling logic and supporting evidence, and that’s where he scores. And he is using the media very intelligently indeed! Today, even getting rid of him has become a very difficult option – as then, Kejriwal’s dream of Tahrir Square in India might really come true. A small murder case of Jessica Lal with the family having hardly anyone ready to battle for them, was converted into a massive movement. Kejriwal is definitely not an individual that people would not battle for. In his fight for supremacy in the Indian polity, there is one drawback that is intrinsic to India’s deficient dynamics – and that is, how many people out of our 1.2 billion plus citizens are actually listening to his speeches? Unlike Congress and BJP, Arvind does not have a huge cadre or force to penetrate every nook and corner of the country and influence the voters. Therefore, with limited wherewithal, he has to depend on TV and print penetration; and this limits his impact in the country. However, his tendency to unearth the naked truth and open secrets surrounding India’s ghoulish network of corruption has vast implications for India and the region as a whole. It is clearly the start of a long-drawn battle towards cleansing India. And by taking the corrupt so bravely head on, Kejriwal has shown that it just takes one Kejriwal to change the status quo. Sadly – as of now, it seems – there is only one.



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Posted By: Devendra Singh | Nainital | December 5th 2012 | 23:12
Definitely, the country needs more Kejriwals, who can stand against the corruption without any support.
Posted By: jayanth menon | Thrissur | November 18th 2012 | 04:11
He is right.
Posted By: MRS JAYASHREE | SHARJAH UAE | November 14th 2012 | 15:11
Posted By: jayanti jain | udaipur | November 13th 2012 | 11:11
Kejriwal ji is right.
Posted By: bibhuti | Asansol | November 12th 2012 | 23:11
Kejiriwal wants to take credit of anti corruption movement, otherwise why he would left Anna.
Posted By: Ranveer | Delhi | April 2nd 2013 | 10:04
Give the credit to man & focus on corruption rather than individual. India lacks giving credit to true force & praises corrupt bootlicking seem to one of them
Posted By: sameer | Mumbai | November 10th 2012 | 08:11
He is the one!
Posted By: ravi | Gurgaon | November 10th 2012 | 04:11
Kejriwal is the true Gandhian. We have to pass on the message that if they want to avoid a Tahir Square, they better not try anything dirty or violent with him. We have to start showing our solidarity towards him, as we did for Anna. Also would like to add that it is truly amazing and mystifying that Khurshid got one of the highest and most prestigious jobs in the country in answer to charges of corruption on him.
Posted By: Dr.Anandsagar | Gulbarga , Karnataka | November 9th 2012 | 23:11
Friends let this article reach every Indian. We know internet can make a huge difference. Please forward and share as much so that most of us know it. It's time Arvind started building a team of people for the next elections and go regionwise. People who are genuine and willing to sacrifice just like him.
Posted By: Vijayant Kumar | Uttarakhand | November 9th 2012 | 22:11
Posted By: Yogesh chaudhary | Mathura | November 9th 2012 | 06:11
Anyone should take initiative to do the in right and that is Arvind. It is not bad to be ambitious.
Posted By: Tenzing Bhutia | Gangtok, Sikkim | November 9th 2012 | 06:11
My name is Tenzing Bhutia. I belong to Sikkim. I am a Graduate in Economics and Law. I was a Bank Officer, a journalist now an activist championing rights of Sikkimese people who became citizens of India only in the year 1975. There is a specific provision – the Article 371F in the Constitution of India which is in a way a constitution of Sikkim within the Constitution of India. The Congress Government headed by Indira Gandhi took the decision of converting Sikkim into the Indian Union in the year 1975 against the wishes of Sikkimese people. The sovereignty of Sikkim and the institution of Chogyal (King) were abolished and in return the Indian Government started pouring lots of money for the development of Sikkimese people. It was something like buying peoples’ freedom by money. When there is money, there is corruption. Truly, corruption has become endemic in Sikkim. It has also become a major concern for those who truly believe in the welfare of Sikkimese people. Sikkim because of its geographical isolation never comes in the national media. Many people in India do not know that two of its chief ministers are facing CBI enquiry and one of whom has even been convicted and jailed for one month on corruption charges. Sikkim is perhaps the only state in India where chief minister appoints a commission headed by a tainted high court judge espoused by him to examine the corruption charges leveled against him. There is a Bill introduced in Sikkim Legislative Assembly where chief minister has been vested with absolute authority to appoint ‘Lok Ayukta’ of his choice. There is no opposition political party in Sikkim. The Sikkim’s chief minister is in absolute power as there is no opposition even inside the Assembly. All the 32 members of 32-Membered Assembly belong to chief minister’s party. This absolute power of Sikkim’s chief minister is corrupting Sikkim absolutely! There is a court case pending in Supreme Court pleading for CBI enquiry relating to corruption charges against nine ministers of present cabinet. And, Sikkim Government immediately withdraws the jurisdiction of Delhi Police (Special) Act to avoid CBI investigation. The innocent Sikkimese people having lost their country are now suffering from the morbid effect of corruption let lose by their political leaders. The corruption has eaten deep into the fabric of Sikkimese society. People are cursing India for bringing in ills of corruption which were alien to their society. When Sikkim was annexed into the Indian Union, every one believed that it was the solemn duty of India to see the welfare of Sikkimese people. There is no doubt that Government of India pumps in huge money in every plan budget for Sikkim’s development, but it is corrupt politicians together with other official mechanism that has defeated the purpose of the Government of India which was originally intended for the development of Sikkim. The present chief minister, who was earlier a police constable, has now become the "richest chief minister of India” (CNN-IBN rating). India Against Corruption (IAC) as an intended political organization must not exclude Sikkim from its any programs of action. One of the chapters of IAC should make Sikkim as its "Karma Bhoomi”. IAC has more relevance in Sikkim in a situation where opposition political organizations, civil societies and active media have no existence. Congress and BJP have their token presence in Sikkim as leaders from both the camps get their dues from the ruling party. Until 1975 when Sikkim was not part of India it was a very peaceful kingdom.However, due to an unprecedented and widespread corruption in governance and injustice that have combined to engender insecurity, insurgencies, heightened criminalities, widespread unemployment, all in the face of mindless profligacy of the corrupt, Sikkim- an international border state, now faces a new threat to its survival. This threat can only be averted by the collectively of the people themselves, and that must have to be undertaken by IAC.
Posted By: Amartyam Senok | Gurgaon | November 10th 2012 | 08:11
I've alwaya thought about the discipline,the cleanliness of Sikkim and told others. But I din't know that there is no opposition in Sikkim and that the chief minister is the richest.WoW! Is there no politician good and honest in India.
Posted By: Sashi Kant Shaw | Kolkata | November 10th 2012 | 13:11
HI Tenzing, Corruption has nothing to do with Sikkim being part of Indian Union or not. The politicians/chief minister are not aliens, they are from us, whom we select and vote. You can too start an IAC wing and start a protest from there. Please be proud to be an INDIAN
Posted By: Madhuparna Bhattacharjee | Itanagar | November 13th 2012 | 18:11
All most all the North eastern states rule without a strong opposition. Congress could think of making these states their own property and overlook everything that makes AAM AADmi so Pareshan- from public transport system to underground activities-we tax payers are facing all that is unthinkable.Look at the high drama that there is no probe into anything that matters to common people - PDS, LPG, etc etc...
Posted By: Ankit Rawat | Delhi | November 9th 2012 | 01:11
It takes only one person to change things.. Yes Arvind can do this.. Ask aam admi, who they wants to support? 99% are with Kejriwal... Time has come to make ARVIND KEJRIWALA our next PM.
Posted By: Kartika Dubey | Faizabad | November 8th 2012 | 10:11
Lets unite and make it our goal to help Kejriwal, who has left his family and security for our nation. He is the epitome of sacrifice and courage. Lets do whatever little we can do from our ends, for our country, for our people. Lets become a non-ignorant mass for once and change our country, future and present. Long live Arvind Kejriwal. We all are with you! P.S: It was a nice article :)
Posted By: arun panwar | Faridabad | November 8th 2012 | 10:11
I am with Arvind, I want to see India a AAM AADMI country, not the empire of the foreign invaders, who fraudly plunder Indian MONEY and Economy and getting the support of all corrupt politicians and increasing the Class Discrimination in India.
Posted By: Gagan | Mumbai | November 8th 2012 | 01:11
Everyone is aware of the fact that if you raise your voice then you are either gone with the wind or you are stopped with certain influenced people in the government by hook or crook. Also there are 3 kinda of people in Indian Society 1) Rich/Corrupt/Self Centric people like Vadra/Ambani/list goes on 2) Middle class/Working/Average class people - who all their life work to Feed their family/parents/living. 3) Lower Class/Farmers/Poor - They are like Rats - who follow the same race which are shown to them by either rich/govt/etc. My concern is the one class which can make changes in the current system is the middle class/Aam Aadmi/Working class. There should be a way that all these people who can make the changes can think together for the right cause & come up with the idea that there should be a regular weekly/monthly/annual meeting to share their thoughts & implement it into system. Today's fight is no different then Aazadi ki ladai except now our enemies are own people. Let's share some thoughts friends, you can email me too. Let's fight for Kejriwal & make this Country as we thought to be - Jai Hind.
Posted By: Karvensu | Bandar Seri Begawan | November 9th 2012 | 06:11
It's not fighting for Kejiriwal, It's fiting along with Kejiriwal against corruption.
Posted By: K.K.Mehra | Mumbai | November 7th 2012 | 13:11
I support Kejriwal all the way. He is brave, honest and means business. He is on the move and making efforts courageously. Whereas others only talk, he acts regardless of the consequences. Yes, we need more Kejriwals in our country.
Posted By: Pardeep bhandari | Imphal | November 7th 2012 | 10:11
It's the right time for all Indian youth to support to make our country corruption-free. Because of corruption we the youth are facing inconvenience regarding employment. We the Indian youths are ready to protest or die for this man who is fighting against corruption. It's a good opportunity to make this country corruption-free nation. Until we achieve our goal we will not stop this battle.
Posted By: Uday Kumar | Bangalore | November 7th 2012 | 08:11
I agree... sadly one swallow doesn't make a summer! :(
Posted By: Shubham Das | Bhilai, Chhattisgarh | November 11th 2012 | 22:11
May be it doesn't... but it definitely inspires the unborn swallow within every honest & responsible Indian to take any initiative against the "Corruption Falcon"....hoping forward to see the rising of the same sun corresponding to the referred summer. Positive attitude is the first step to successful journey.
Posted By: prads | Bangalore | November 6th 2012 | 21:11
More and more people should join Arvind Kejriwal.
Posted By: Rajaram Alva | Bangalore | November 6th 2012 | 21:11
Am afraid the business men-politicians nexus will break the bones of such movements. It needs awareness among the people to understand that corruption is a sin and need to be rooted out of the system. If people's perceptions does not change nothing will happen to the corrupt netas.
Posted By: srinivasu, P. | Kakinada | November 6th 2012 | 19:11
Excellent, the issues raised by Arindam has long been in the hearts of the aam admi, but they couldn't come out openly like Arvind for fear of the state. I hope and sincerely wish that the voice of the Arvind would touch the hearts of the sincere people and would awaken them to cleanse the system. Then only the rich natural resources of the country will truly help the masses to raise their standard of living.
Posted By: dr vinod kr singh | Ghaziabad | November 6th 2012 | 17:11
Excellent article!
Posted By: SISIR BISWAS | NIGERIA | November 6th 2012 | 16:11
Kejriwal is a crusader & he seems to be a staunch follower of Netaji Subhash Bose & Rabindra Nath Tagore. His uncompromising & daring nature resemblance Subhas's character & his going ahead with forming political party & disclosure of corrupt practices even after denying support by his mentor Annaji gives impression that he is following Tagore's poem "jodi tor dak sune keu na ase tobe ekla chalore - go alone if nobody responds to your call for revolution". But, it is also proven that the seat of power is the main source of corruption. With power all the negative habits and work cultures are developed & nurtured. It is also proven that once a good & honest person becomes corrupt after prolonged stay in seat of power. So, who knows, whether Kejriwal also will not become corrupt if his party wins & goes to the seat of power - is there any guarantee? This is the dilemma of common men - they are very suspicious & non-committal feeling "known devil is better than unknown angel".
Posted By: Ankit | Pune | November 8th 2012 | 14:11
Please open your eyes and see what's going on.
Posted By: Ference Manuel | Hyderabad | November 11th 2012 | 18:11
If your today was bad doesn't mean that tomorrow also would be the same, we all awake every morning in the hope of some good things to happen, so some thing is better than nothing, which is our current govt.
Posted By: Vikas Rawat | MP | November 12th 2012 | 02:11
There can never be any guarantee my friend. Just look at his profile, his achivements, his contribution to the anti- corruption movement, his education, his coleagues and organisation he is working with. You will see him scoring maximum in such parameters. These naturally stimulate us to go with him.
Posted By: Denis Khan | Mumbai | November 6th 2012 | 14:11
Rajaji said that Corruption is like drops of rain! We have a twin black holed economy, crores disappearing at the macro level, and small change disappearing at the micro level. As RBI Governor, expressed concern over the black money hoarded abroad. The amount of Indian black wealth secreted away in the last 60 years is estimated at about $1400 billion (Rs 70 lakh crore). Dr.Singh says, "Money does not grow on trees.” All political parties are united in keeping the black money out. At the macro level, the disappearing crores of approx. $US 500 billion must return to make Rs.1=$1. Till the black money returns, there appears to be no light at the end of the tunnel. We should also plug the black holed economy at the micro level by stopping the disappearing small change. This shortage is fueling inflation & creating artificial shortage. Non return of small change is a deficiency in service.
Posted By: Vikas Chauhan | Vadodara | November 6th 2012 | 11:11
If Arvind Kejriwal is only one, then there is another problem. We will worship him. Just like sequence in MOVIE OH MY GOD. So we need organization rather than one man army.
Posted By: lokesh roy | Cuttack | November 6th 2012 | 10:11
I do not intend to sound pessimistic while appreciating your article. Enthusiastically I would like to point out that the malaise is so deep-rooted that it requires a dedicated group to once again set right our law, our constitution & our polity as a whole...the trouble is who shall be in that group.
Posted By: Gunasekar R | Chennai | November 6th 2012 | 06:11
Never read any of your writing before. Now I will seriously read your work.
Posted By: varun | Noida | November 6th 2012 | 03:11
Only thing we have to do now is to make the best effort so that his party wins election...only then this success will be counted as complete...may God give him long and healthy life.
Posted By: Atanu | Kolkata | November 6th 2012 | 01:11
I appreciate that you are also expressing your views through this blogs. Remember the words from Swami Vivekananda. When you can not change yourself, you can not change others also.
Posted By: Bhagwat | New Delhi | November 5th 2012 | 09:11
You are right sir. But what actually lags in Indians is our self character. We lack it like other developed and even the Middle East Nations. If the people are very much concerned about steep hike of prices of all basic necessary goods, people would have remained at their homes instead of attending Congress rally. What for we people attended it to endorse Congress's policies, rather Sonia's policies ? In fact, we do not want the system to change and are happy in corrupt system except few persons like Kejriwal. Ms Kiran Bedi should have joined hands with Kejriwal given to her works done during her tenure as a Police Officer, but she has joined a naram Dal of Annaji?
Posted By: Mohan Thakur | Mumbai | November 5th 2012 | 07:11
I am second Kejriwal. Arvind Kejriwal is not alone, entire youth and middle class who are reeling under corruption are with him.
Posted By: R D Chandra | New Delhi | November 6th 2012 | 07:11
Arvind kejriwal is one-man army, fearless and confident. But the task ahead is gigantic. It needs political tsunami to wash away all evils of the country. God save the country.
Posted By: Sanjay Kulkarni | Pune | November 5th 2012 | 03:11
It always amazes me that the people that form the cream of society always sit on the bank of the river and comment and advise as if it is none of their business. It happened during the Anna Hajare's agitation. Why don't they jump in the river? Are they not concerned about our nation? One thousand Kejariwalas are more powerful than 1 Kejariwal.
Posted By: lokesh roy | Cuttack | November 7th 2012 | 23:11
Are we not doing the same thing now.
Posted By: chitu sarkar | Assam, nagaon | November 4th 2012 | 09:11
It is the time to step in by all Indians against corruption with the step of Arvind Kejriwal who is fighting darely, intelligently and politically for our country. It is only possible when we 'the aam admi' wake up and make a promise to unseat those who is holding the powers only for looting and sucking the blood of aam admi.
Posted By: Charchit Chittransh | Shahdol, MP, INDIA | November 4th 2012 | 06:11
I think there are many Arvinds, Arindams around us but the problem is only Ego of each of them! Every 'Path-Finder' has a mindset that only he has the right way, others are fools and not even worthy to be listened! Every 'Path-Finder' likes to be followed by crowds. Why don't the path-finders collaborate with another path-finders! Isn't It? I am writer in Hindi you are in English but the message is the same! After more than 25 years of search I could find few people who think this way but it's not only me!
Posted By: lokesh roy | Cuttack | November 12th 2012 | 20:11
You have a valid point. Ego is indeed a problem. In a country so vast as ours with such wide base that it is almost chaotic, certain politicians with the help of goons take advantage of this, add to that the illiteracy and have a heady cocktail just suited for grand corruption. Naturally the few intellectual mass we have think a class to themselves, their ego inflated lest they may be lost in the crowd, would you agree?
Posted By: dhiraj | Delhi | November 4th 2012 | 01:11
Nice and straight article, full marks to IAC. War is on and will go longer. We fully support you.
Posted By: r.c.gupta | New delhi | November 3rd 2012 | 17:11
God give him a long life!
Posted By: john | Warangal | November 3rd 2012 | 17:11
Why don't we have more of Arvind Kejriwals?
Posted By: vishal | Jamshedpur | November 5th 2012 | 20:11
It's in everyone. Needs only the courage to bring it up.
Posted By: IRFAN NAWAZ | BANGALORE CITY | November 18th 2012 | 16:11
Mr Vishalji, it's not possible for a common man to become like Arvind Kejriwal. Reason - you need connections, power and over all need the will to face the heat, it's impossible for common man to rub the super rich and any ruling government where you belong to, it's an impossible task , I request the members of the public not to mess the ruling govt.
Posted By: Kartika Dubey | Faizabad | November 8th 2012 | 10:11
Become one. :)
Posted By: sree | Hyderabad | November 3rd 2012 | 15:11
We Should not feel sad. He is not alone. We all should stand up for the cause. We should welcome the hero. Atleast one person has stood up for the cause against corruption. Indeed, if we dig into the history, it has started with one person. For their own benefit they are promoting corruption. It's really sad how the corruption has taken deeper roots in the country and making the citizens day to day life worse than any other under developed nations. Who has given the right to amass wealth. Let these so called politicians start working for the development of country and where there is no dearth for resources. When these politicians grabbing wealth from all the nook and corners and the common citizen has to pay money in form of taxes for their luxury.
Posted By: Probal Bhattacharyya | Cairo | November 3rd 2012 | 15:11
Excellent article! With the entry of Arvind K others like him will join politics and the profile of Indian politicians will rapidly change! I think we are on the threshold of a real change!
Posted By: Aklesh Yadav | Haridwar | November 3rd 2012 | 14:11
Transfer and sacking of honest officers in India is nothing new. This has been happening at many places in the country for the last many many years.
Posted By: Sujit Yadav | Noida | November 3rd 2012 | 14:11
For me the issue ever since Kejriwal's first allegation has not been the involvement of these highly influential people but the way the govt. and the system is handling all the issues.
Posted By: Manish Yadav | Sonipat | November 3rd 2012 | 14:11
Why is the media so silent when Kejriwal is doing some great work for the nation? It just goes on to prove the way the media works.
Posted By: Rohit Sehrawat | Jhajjar | November 3rd 2012 | 14:11
We need many more Kejriwals to get rid of corruption in India because the number of corrupt ministers is just too much.
Posted By: Parveen Saini | Rohtak | November 3rd 2012 | 14:11
The media does not like relevant stories...tell them to cover the marriage of a celebrity and there will be no dearth of coverage.
Posted By: Rinku Yadav | Faridabad | November 3rd 2012 | 14:11
All ministers and ministers in India are corrupted. All should be put behind the bar.
Posted By: kunal debroy | Guwahati | November 3rd 2012 | 13:11
The people of India has to wake up and join hands with IAC. Khejriwal wants support.Come on India!
Posted By: nirmal raman | Vellor | November 3rd 2012 | 10:11
Good article!
Posted By: nishant | Mumbai | November 3rd 2012 | 10:11
did kejriwal answer why he was not transferred for 30 yrs?
Posted By: ABHA CHAWLA MOHANTY | MUMBAI | November 3rd 2012 | 09:11
Posted By: lokesh roy | Cuttack | November 12th 2012 | 21:11
I can't agree more.
Posted By: Pramod | Tapo | November 2nd 2012 | 22:11
Yes, there is only one Kejariwal and he proved that there is a big hole in the system. But the corruption is also an ethical problem in country. Corruption has already spread. May be more than 50% of power holders or administrators are involved in it. If we all fight, it can damage the whole administrative structure of the country, which may be very dangerous for all of us. This is like removing thorn from own foot. But still hats off to Kejariwal. But at the same time I could not understand why our PM (who seems very learned and qualified) promoted Salmaan after his press conference?
Posted By: Pramod | Tapo | November 7th 2012 | 21:11
We want modification in system, do no want to collapse it.
Posted By: bsp | Mandla | November 2nd 2012 | 22:11
Ek Arvind hi desh mein emandar hai!
Posted By: AADI CHAUHAN | LATUR | November 2nd 2012 | 20:11
Posted By: Nirmesh | Ghaziabad | November 8th 2012 | 04:11
Mr. AADI, Arvind bina proof ke file nahi kholta. Let him acquire solid proof before he reveals. Isliye, ek saath nahi open karta hai. Try to think positive.
Posted By: Kartika Dubey | Faizabad | November 8th 2012 | 10:11
There might be something behind behind it. He sacrificed his own security. You know how easy it is for powerful people to just kill. Am not asking you to blindly follow or worship but first search facts and reason. Please no offence meant.
Posted By: AADI CHAUHAN | LATUR | November 2nd 2012 | 20:11
Posted By: Vin | Delhi | November 2nd 2012 | 20:11
Now you must have realised his reach after Farrukhabad rally.
Posted By: Govind gaur | Jodhpur | November 10th 2012 | 07:11
Bro.. And sisters be relax. One lion is enough for 100 foxes. This movement will be transperent...but thats not yet.
Posted By: vinod bhakuni | Mhow | November 2nd 2012 | 20:11
Very well written article. Kejriwal has taken the first step and the movement is already building-up though majority of the people from across the society are in silent support and still watching which side the wind is blowing but the fact that people like Arindam Chaudhry are coming out in open support bids well for the movement and it is going to catch up sooner than later...mein akela hi chala tha janibe manjil magar...log sath aate gaye aur kafila banta gaya...jaihind!
Posted By: Muhammed AShraf MC | Olavattur India | November 2nd 2012 | 15:11
The illicit nexus between politicians and corporates is becoming increasingly dangerous to the progress of this huge country. Major political parties are the direct and indirect beneficiaries of this nexus so they have to be silent at such voices, and media will keep the voice for a while in the air until they receive their share from corporates..So there is no hope anyway
Posted By: Muhammed AShraf MC | Olavattur India | November 2nd 2012 | 15:11
The illicit nexus between politicians and corporates is becoming increasingly dangerous to the progress of this huge country. Major political parties are the direct and indirect beneficiaries of this nexus so they have to be silent at such voices, and media will keep the voice for a while in the air until they receive their share from corporates..So there is no hope anyway
Posted By: Muhammed AShraf MC | Olavattur India | November 2nd 2012 | 15:11
The illicit nexus between politicians and corporates is becoming increasingly dangerous to the progress of this huge country. Major political parties are the direct and indirect beneficiaries of this nexus so they have to be silent at such voices, and media will keep the voice for a while in the air until they receive their share from corporates..So there is no hope anyway.
Posted By: m chaturvedi | Mumbai | November 5th 2012 | 15:11
A very serious condition prevailing in India. The ruling party has scant respect for the democratic process. Every politician is busy in amassing wealth. I fear one day some army general may take over the govt. and all these corrupt ministers, politicians would run to save their lives.
Posted By: Madhuparna Bhattacharjee | Itanagar | November 5th 2012 | 20:11
The collusion and nexus both will take India to its lowest otherwise having a glorious past will vanish under the rampant corruption, repressive elements and get away by saying that -"YE PUBLIC HAI SAB JAANTI HAI"...
Posted By: anj indian | India | November 9th 2012 | 09:11
Good article...God bless you Arvind Kejriwal
Posted By: VIJAYANT KUMAR | UTTARAKHAND. | November 9th 2012 | 22:11
Posted By: rk | Pune | November 11th 2012 | 23:11
Kejriwal is on the first step of his political career, when he comes half the way he will realise why the Congress and the BJP, or any other political party is not able to control corruption. Pointing fingers is easy ruling the country is different.Let us wait and watch if he can succeed. Best Wishes and a Happy Diwali to him and his followers.
Posted By: James Kottoor | Ernakulam, Kochi | November 15th 2012 | 07:11
Yes what we need is an army of Kejriwals. Please see my article: Ballet is Bullet to Shoot Corrupt, Kejriwal Flip-floping for power? (12/11/12) in and https//

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