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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

"It is an election stunt..."


In an interview with Pramod Kumar, naresh agarwal of the Samajwadi Party says Congress is indulging in election stunts.
PRAMOD KUMAR | Issue Dated: November 30, -0001, New Delhi
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Do you think these flagship schemes will help the Congress win elections?
What are Flagship schemes? These all are old schemes in a new shape.  Some schemes are like that in which the benefit is only on paper for the poor people. It will axtually be good for rhe country if these schemes are shut down. But the Congress and the party President Sonia Gandhi who aspire to run such schemes of thousands of crores will only have an adverse affect on the infrastructure of the country. But then, the  Congress only thinks for its vote and not for the country. In a true sense, the food bill is only an election strategy of Congress.

But the Samajwadi Party has also contributed in passing the Food Security Bill. How can you say it is only an election stunt?
Just remember Rajiv Gandhi himself had accepted that only 10 paisa in a rupee reaches the poor. Congress thinks that as MNREGA and Loan Waiver scheme and Food security program will also benefit them in the election. But it is also true that it will be a delusion for them. People are intelligent and they know that it’s an election stunt. After few days they will not get the food in the subsidiary rates as Government simply wont have enough money for this.

But Congress says there are funds for this scheme?
Practically it can never be successful because government wants to impose it through National Food Corporation Ltd. The Corporation doesn’t have the proper capacity to store Food. Also, how can  the black marketing of foods be  controlled? How will farmers get a  reasonable price?. This program is only a show off. This year's crop is good so this scheme will run but what about the future if the harvest is poor?

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