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Monojit Lahiri probes some details about India’s capital’s growing appetite for consuming meals in the sleeping quarters!
MONOJIT LAHIRI | New Delhi, February 7, 2014 17:39
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Ring out the old, ring in the new.  Times, they are a changin’.  Move with the times, or get left behind.  Aren’t these some of the slogans that have been drummed into or heads for ages to make us keep pace with new trends, fads, movements – irrespective of ability, or consequences – or perish in sepia tinted yesterday-land?  While this issue can be debated endlessly by purists, the fact is that, time will march on and lifestyles will register change whether one likes it, approves, or not. Technology and the digital revolution, [for example] has dramatically changed the way we communicate.  Facebook & Twitter has – almost totally – wiped off the old fashioned face-to-face interaction making communication an instant phenomenon that does not require physical contact … and the way, the way the whole world has taken to it indicates both, total approval & success, right?

Lifestyle is an area that continues to be a soft target for this change juggernaut, because it is a product of the immediate environment, perceiving, absorbing and interpreting the pulse of the here n’ now.  Traditional habits can [and do] overnight, take a savage hit, like the mobile and internet indicate.  The newest seems to be the eating location!  A survey conducted by an online weight management website the has revealed that while each city has its own preference of eating space, Delhi tops the cities in  favouring the Bedroom as choice No.1!  It adds, 40% [of respondents interviewed in the capital] rooted for eating in the bedroom as compared to 30.77% in Gurgaon, 29.41% in Kolkata, 11.67% in Bangalore and only 7.5% in Mumbai.  Surprising, considering the commercial and Showbiz capital, Mumbai leads the modern, new-age trend fad race.  “Not really” avers lifestyle watcher & writer Abhinav Tandon.  He goes on to explain that the North Indian, although very enterprising, ambitious & hard-working “is in the habit of eating ghee-soaked delicacies with Aloo Paranthas, Butter Chicken, Dal Makhni and stuff (raging) favourites.  Today, after a hard day, its TV or Computer – in the comfort of the a/c bedroom for the more affluent – so the temptation to chill in there instead of making the trip to the dining table is overwhelming.  Besides, nuclear families – as opposed to joint families with the cherished eating together ritual – is in vogue, so its not surprising.”  Others put Delhi’s top-spot position to the wages of sho-sha prosperity’s by product.  From a village pretending to be a city in the 50’s & 60’s, the boom in corporates/industry flourishing across the last three decades, has given Delhi an exaggerated/false sense of sophistication.  Wealth & Prosperity shouldn’t be confused with either being evolved or refined!  Sure it has attracted hordes of professionals from across the country looking for employment opportunities and given it a more cosmopolitan perspective, but – as Film-maker Prahlad Kakkar insists – it remains, essentially, a traders/Babu/later Jugad city. Hence bedroom khana for the chauvinist Delhiwallah is totally in place!

Bouquets and brickbats aside, dietitians & experts are of the opinion that it is an unhealthy trend.  Nutritionist Ishi Khosla says it promotes mindless eating.  People tend to get lazy & inactive and immediately sleep which is a sure-fire way to both indigestion and weight-gain. They also point out that eating at the Dining table with family ensures wholesome intakes with cereals, veggies, salads & fruits featuring, along with a warm and congenial atmosphere.  Parents too can monitor their kids on healthy eating.  Dr. Anoop Misra concludes this debate with wise words.  The Chairman of the Fortis-e-Doc believes that it is a major cause of obesity especially for children.  “We have conducted several studies which show that it promotes junk-eating.  Family eating together is the solution where mothers can monitor what their kids eat.”

At the end of the day, it is quite possible that too much is being made of Delhi topping the Bedroom-dining polls by the anti-Delhi gang. As a proud Dilliwala retorts, “Living well is the best revenge!” and laughs away all the barbs with “these losers are just plain jealous of our tarakki yaar!”  However, fact of the matter is while this fad can be a reflection of the good life, comfort levels and aisho-aaram mood of the diners of India’s glorious capital, it must be remembered that it can be injurious to health, so maybe, moving that precious derriere to the dining table during the khana peena time, could be just what all these eminent, well-meaning and informed experts ordered!

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Issue Dated: Feb 5, 2017