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I spy!


Everything is fair in an era of wars…
TSI | Issue Dated: October 8, 2006
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I spy! The world is ensnared in a desperate gambit against terror post 9/11 and veteran Frederick Forsyth has played to the gallery delightfully with his latest, The Afghan. British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) and the CIA learn of an impending offensive, thus forcing their hand into a diabolically outrageous plan: they send in one of their own operatives, Col. Mike Martin, for a Taliban commandant held captive at Guantánamo Bay and attempt to pass him off as ‘The Afghan’. As Martin enters the undulating underbelly of Afghanistan, the best of preparation cannot ready him for the horrors that await. Like fine wine, Forsyth has improved with age and he has lost none of the charismatic realism that sets him apart as the inimitable grandmaster of intrigue.
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