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I love to entertain people: Poonam Pandey


PRAKRITI RAJ | New Delhi, September 5, 2012 17:36
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How did you come to be in the film industry?
I was fond of the films from the beginning. In May 2010, I was going somewhere with my father in Andheri where I saw a Gladrags hoarding. I told my father that I want to give audition. It was the first time when I wore a bikini. Then I got a chance to feature in Kingfisher calendar which made me famous.

Tell us something about your struggle in the industry?
I believe that God has been very kind to me. I had to struggle during the modeling days. I joined the industry at the end of 2010 and I am happy with what I have achieved so far. Recently, I have signed a film as a lead.

You know how to remain in limelight. Firstly the World Cup and now Twitter. Do you plan all these things?
What I said during World Cup wasn’t for publicity. Everybody wanted India to win and I was one of them.

Do you agree that only because of media you become overnight star?
Yes, I am totally agree with you. I want to thank media as it was only because of media my career took a 360 degree turn.

You have been making waves on Twitter…
We are not living in 1947. Now people do not mind nudity. I am a straight forward person that is why I have so many followers. I feel really happy when people like me and my things.

Is this the reason you remain in limelight all the time?
Who does not want to be in limelight? I too love to remain in limelight. In fact, controversies helped me a lot.

But what is the reason of sharing private things on Twitter?
I think people have started to learn that only a cool girl like Poonam Pandey can do such things. As I have earlier said, I don’t plan such things. Whatever comes in my mind, I upload it on web. I am an independent girl and like to entertain people.

Are you okay with negative publicity also?
There is nothing negative or positive publicity for me. I only love to see that people think about me.

What your parents had to say when you decided to enter this field?
At the beginning, they were furious of my World Cup statement. But now they have got used to it. My mother trusts me a lot. And the biggest thing is that this is my life and I won’t change it only because of some gossip mongers.

You have shown almost everything on Twitter. Now what is left for movies?
I have only shown 5-10 pc on Twitter. There is still more left to show. Let the film release and then see what more I can offer.

Are you dating anyone right now?
No. I am not dating anybody right now.

Do you have any regrets that you chose this path to success?
Absolutely not. I do not regret anything. I am from new age where these things are normal. I think people need to expand their thinking.

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