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I have you, who needs the law?


In canada, if you live-in for two years, it is deemed as marriage
TSI | Issue Dated: May 13, 2007
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I have you, who needs the law? Imroz

Painter I have you, who needs the law? The future of live-in relationships depends on people. The first thing that matters is that a man respects the woman. Today, relationships lack respect. As soon as people earn money, they look around for sex and they even find it. But, until and unless a woman is willing, you cannot enjoy sex. In any case, the woman will not give her Ďselfí and this makes it rape. Thus, the children born of such relationships may not be healthy. If the mother-father relationship is healthy, the children will also be healthy. The relationship will not need a code of conduct. Differences of opinion will not create animosity.

My life with Amrita was simple and straightforward. After a courtship of five to six years, she said we ought to live together. It did not affect her husband, because they were mentally divorced since long. Everyone believed that our relationship would not last. Even astrologers prophesised it to the last few days.

But, Amrita always said the few days we had together will continue into the next birth. In a relationship, only those can expect faithfulness who are faithful themselves. These days, people are not even faithful with themselves. As far as society is concerned, I always told Amrita, you are my society and I am yours. Whoever looks after your welfare and cares for you is society, whereas people around feel happy to see others sad. How can anyone who never feels happy with your happiness be called society?

People are unaware even after so much education. There was always a tussle between science and religion. Religion has limited everything. They do not accept change, even for good. I donít know why people accept a religion which does not help in their happiness.

I think there is no need to follow religion if a person can live an honest life. There can be no bigger worship than love and this begins with loving oneself. But, people tend to complicate their lives.

In Canada, if you live together for two years you are considered married. Here, even after marrying before our relatives and in-laws, people get divorced or get trapped when a child is born of the relationship. The acrimony seeps into the baby.

Further, I donít understand that when a marriage is solemnised before many people without the presence of the court, why does divorce also not happen in front of that same gathering. Call the same relatives and acquaintances and have a feast and part. Amrita and I never married but had a relationship. Today, people take legal help to develop relationships. How can law assist in building relationships? There are numerous marriages which are bereft of feelings for each other. It is because people do not take responsibility. If people become responsible, we wonít need law.

Bitter relationships are producing children afflicted with malady. People should worship their relationships. Animals donít mate until both the male and the female agree. Human beings should prepare similarly. Purify themselves and then mate. This will produce happy and smiling children.

A man should not consider a woman as his property. It is the so-called educated people who call themselves husband and wife. In Rajasthan, there are places where a woman and man just need to go to the sarpanch and accept each other as partner and start living together. The only thing required is to make everyone happy. It is only happy people who can give happiness. People should be free to share happiness in their relationships, whatever name they choose to give it.
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