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‘Islam has a well thought system of marriage where the idea is to avoid confrontation’
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I DO, I DO . . . Islam promotes marriage for the advancement of the human race. So, a marriage should not be merely seen as ecstasy or enjoyment. Rather, marriage should take the human race forward and the fulfilment of human sexual need is justified as natural and pure in this way. Marriage in Islam is in fact a contract between the bride and the groom. The basis of the contract is religion. However, this contract can be scrapped. This process is termed as talaq. As far as inter-religious marriages are concerned, Muslim boys can marry Jewish girls because they have faith in only one God, Prophet Mohammad. There are varied opinions regarding marriage between a Muslim boy and a Christian girl, as due to ‘trinity’, Christians no longer have faith in one God. In Islam, the most important thing is Din; faith in Allah.

The man who has faith in God is supposed to marry according to Islam and not according to his or her will. As far as inter-religious marriage is concerned, Islam doesn’t allow Muslim boys and girls to marry non-Muslims.

The man who marries a non-Muslim has to face a lot of trouble. This includes inheritance, as well as conflict of faith. Suppose one of the partner dies, then the question of inheritance, and the question of faith to be followed creates problems for other family members, including children. Who will be responsible for their misery? Nobody else, but their parents. That is why Islam prohibits inter-religious marriage. It is not necessary that each child thinks the same way, it is quite possible that one has a religious inclination and the other thinks differently. When this happens, it leads to confrontation and destruction of a family. It may also affect them psychologically.

It is also necessary to guard how these children are being seen in society. If the society looks at them in an unpleasant way, then the life of children is at risk. Islam is very sincere in this regard. To avoid the confrontation and conflict, it has a system which is known as ‘Kafo’. According to this system, the boy and girl who are going to marry are allowed to know about each other, including their social and economic status. Suppose a well qualified girl is married to a boy who is illiterate, then the girl will feel uncomfortable and that will ultimately lead to separation.

To avoid the circumstances, ‘Kafo’ is applied. In fact, Islam is not merely a cultural relationship, it is an ideology that helps a man live a happy and prosperous life. Islam in its real sense is a religion of nature that helps men and women live naturally to fulfil human sexual requirements. Islam allows more than one marriage. But the condition is that the man has to fulfil his wives social and economic requirements and treat them equally. Islam encourages mutual relationship, and it emphasises on mutual understanding between the girl and the boy, who are going to marry. If there is a conflict of ideas, it would be difficult of them to live peacefully and in most of the inter-religious marriages, difference of opinion reaches a point that most often leads to confrontation and separation. To avoid this very separation and confrontation Islam prohibits inter-religious marriage.
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Issue Dated: Feb 5, 2017