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How green is my Sally?


Jealous? Tell us!
RAHUL CHAUDHARY | Issue Dated: October 8, 2006
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How green is my Sally? Its green, itís huge and itís just about as devastating as the Hulk. Say hello to the devil within Ė Jealousy! All of us will agree, that it is one thing you are better off without. Remember every time you wait for your husband to return from that late night meeting, pretty assistant in tow, when every second felt like an hour, and an hour like forever. Or what about the agonising wait when your girlfriend is late from her work-out at the friendly neighbourhood gym? Visions of that hunk of a trainer lavishing decidedly undue attention everywhere it doesnít belongÖdamn, burns right through your soul, doesnít it? But it really isnít the damned wait! Itís the weight! Your weight!! That inflating-by-the-minute-tyre around your waist; or maybe itís the lousy pay cheque instead, but every time you feel the first pang of jealous emotion, it has little to do with everybody else and everything to do with sorry little you. Low self-esteem can turn the most lovable partner into a raving neurotic minefield, thatíll explode at the drop of a Ö, well you neednít drop much actually, itíll explode anyway. Maybe thereís no smoke without fire and it isnít just blind ire. What do you do? Its love, not land you know, and you canít win it by force or demand it by right. Just take a long hard look in the mirror, fix whatever needs fixing, become worthy of your own love and the rest would fall right in place. Donít believe me? Go ahead, try itÖ.
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