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Great expectations!


TSI | Issue Dated: October 8, 2006
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Great expectations! Business & Economy proved to be a pleasant surprise when it was launched. Unlike India’s other business magazines, it had an element of rigour in it. It was clear that it was being produced by educated, thinking, serious minds. We now hope that these standards will be emulated by The Sunday Indian as well.

All the existing Indian news and current affairs magazines are slick and glitzy in apearance but shallow, frivolous, elitist and often, outrightly crude in content. We expect The Sunday Indian to have its feet on the ground — to be realistic and honest in its portrayal of India and the world. It is high time that the reader got stories, opinion and analysis that reflect the actual state of India and the world, instead of merely pandering to the collective self-deception and fantasies of a microscopic anti-people elite.

Let us hope that The Sunday Indian will not be like the other Indian magazines — that it will not be obsessed with myths like India’s “rise to global power status” or “the greatness” of the not-so-great Indian middle class. I am sure, that it will, for a change, speak about the real India and will be the first news and current affairs magazine that is truly Indian.

Susmita Mitra

New Delhi
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