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SUGANDH SINGH | New Delhi, January 23, 2012 15:44
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The long anticipated revolutionised portable version of the Sony Play Station is finally here. Debuted as PSVITA, it boasts of a quad-core processor powering nearly PS3-level graphics on a 5-inch AMOLED multi- touch, capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 960 x 544 qHD at 220 ppi and 24-bit color. Unlike its predecessors, the controls are evenly distributed on both sides of the screen with two analog sticks, a touch-sensitive back panel, and a smartphone-style OS. 

After Sony's 2004 release of PSP, the latest version of the portable gaming device PSVITA in essence appears closely related to the era of smartphone. Although it does not facilitate calling, there is a 3G card slot (in the 3G version) apart from the WiFi connectivity (The lower version offers just a WiFi connectivity). The concept of augmented reality is really fascinating. A back touchpad and a six-axis motion-sensing system makes it even more appealing. It features the ability to remotely log in to and stream games from the PlayStation 3, while a Party App allows users to chat with friends while gaming. The new PSVITA offer the same six-axis control system that is found on the PS3 hand held controls. The ARM Cortex A9 processor, MPCore CPU with an additional SGX54MP4+ GPU AND 512MB of memory and an additional 128MBs of VRAM is an excellent configuration that is actually double than the RAM of PSP. However, the external memory card is available in various capacities from 2GB to 32GB. 
With some games on the new PSVITA, players can actually click their pictures and superimpose them on the faces of the characters they are playing. Guess that's why it boasts of two cameras, although much inferior in comparison to the smartphones today keeping in mind the premium price tag the Vita commands. The exterior design is an elegant finish that only attracts fingerprints although, its much light too especially given the monstrous power pack it has studded inside. 
Although it has been given a completely new name- VITA, it is not too wrong to call it PSP2 with its similar feel, although much advanced when the superb screen grips your attention and you forget the limited space available in a 5inch display. It is set to attract almost the same set of target audience for the PSP, although the premium pricing may deflect a few aspirators. The battery backup may be a problem especially over the 3G network that eats up the power fast since VITA being a portable gaming device commands a greater focus from Sony.
Something that was anticipated as a backward integration but hasn't been delivered is the compatibility of PSVITA with the PS1 games. However, moving on with that and entering the whole new word of VITA does not disappoint us. At the approximate price range of Rs.15,000/- for the WiFi model and around Rs. 20,000/- for the 3G version, casual gamers may still hold on to their mobile phone games but for the serious gamers, its nothing less than a must to grab.
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