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Beautiful Like a Snowflake
ISHAN RAYCHAUDHURI | New Delhi, December 6, 2013 12:47
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In this interpretation of the classic tale, The Snow Queen written by Hans Christian Andersen, directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee take you through a tale of love, betrayal, adventure and magic in a hauntingly beautiful snow laden forest.
While 3D films usually are dark and you tend to easily miss details, this one is done remarkably well. In fact I think this is the first 3D film that I really enjoyed and you would lose a lot of its ambience if done in 2D.
The film is a musical which means you sometimes have to wait for the songs to complete to move on to the next scene but nothing unbearable. The music set by Christophe Beck is orchestral in nature with winding, long notes echoing the snow setting.
Elsa, princess of Arendelle possesses the ability to create ice and snow. Due to a childhood accident with her younger sister Anna, she is forced to keep her powers hidden from the world. When the King and Queen die in a shipwreck, she is forced to face the world for the first time since the accident, due to her coronation. That is where things go wrong.
Her powers are exposed to the world in an act of anger and she is forced to flee and travel far up the mountains where she can be free and she doesn’t have to hide herself anymore. Her sister Anna goes to search for her and on the way gets help from an ice trader and his reindeer.
The reindeer Sven has to be the most striking character in the entire film who belongs to ice trader Kristoff and who will charm you throughout the film with his lovely antics. Disney has really upped the animation in this one and every character’s expressions and movements are highly detailed. Sequences of dances and their flow are perfect in a way very few studios can make them.
Kristen Bell as Anna and Idina Menzel as Elsa are perfect. Voice acting is much more difficult than it sounds (no pun intended) and they do it wonderfully. Even though they aren’t of the same age as their characters, their voice fit them perfectly.
This is not just a film for children. Those who like animation and have a heart can surely enjoy the movie even if they don’t acknowledge it. Go ahead and watch it. It will remind you of a time when things were much more magical and fairy tales were a reality.

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