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Free to entertain


AMARPAL MALHI | Issue Dated: July 15, 2007
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Free to entertain John McClane is back baby, and how. Whatever your opinions be about Bruce Willis, one thing is clear, this guy just doesn’t quit! At 52 years old when his contemporaries are busy carving political careers or settling into semi-retirement, he just keeps delivering the thrills. His biceps might not be as big as Rocky’s or Terminator’s and his martial arts moves might not be too nifty either, but he still packs a potent punch (and some fire power too). This time the big guns are reserved for ‘Internet Terrorists’, led by snarling Timothy Olyphant, who is trying to prove a point by bringing USA to its knees (through systematic shutting down of anything computer related) while raking in the moolah in the bargain. Admittedly, the script perhaps wouldn’t get an Oscar’s mention perhaps, but then it doesn’t need to. So many explosions, crashes and bullets are crammed into this movie that it sometimes feels like one is watching the World’s Wildest Videos! And you know what, logic aside, it all works. There are good performances too, from Justin Long, the hacker on McClane’s side, and from Mary Elizabeth Winstead, as his estranged and fiery daughter. Watch it, three movies worth of action rolled into one.
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