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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Paradigm Shifts Social Networking

Convergence Of The Social And The Virtual


Advertising guru, theatre veteran and author of 'A Double Life', Alyque Padamsee sees promise in the here-and-now action of social networking media.
SPRIHA SRIVASTAVA | Issue Dated: January 9, 2011
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Social networking has taken over, and is a trend right now, though with its set of pros and cons. But its advantages are a lot more than its disadvantages. Facebook has enabled people to have larger families. One can say that earlier, each one had a personal family or personal friend, but now we have a gigantic joint family on Facebook. Moreover, a social networking site like Facebook makes people feel that they are a lot more in touch with their family and friends than ever before. Of late, Twitter has also become very popular among people, and as far as Twitter is concerned, sharing pictures and day-to-day doings can be communicated to the ‘Janta. That is one very amazing aspect about Twitter.

There are many people who ask me why I am not on the social network bandwagon, and I reply that I’m not on Twitter because I don’t have the time to send messages and check my account regularly. Also, I’m not the kind of person who wants the secretary to do all the work on Twitter and just be on the site to have my name up there! I would prefer to be involved personally, or not at all.

With social networking sites gaining popularity, many also fear that it might end up making the media redundant. Social network media can never make mainstream media redundant. As far as I believe, newspapers will be here for the next thousand years because people want to hold something in their hand that they can refer to later. And it’s aptly said that one can read more on printed page than on an electronic page. But Twitter, in a way, is a marvellous way of broadcasting and talking about any news, be it about movies or famous personalities talking about their daily doings.

We however notice that not many stars in India today have anything to do with that quality called enigma; it belonged to those of the yesteryears. It’s a thing of the past. We now hear and read everything about stars in the front pages of newspapers, on TV and on websites. People have become used to seeing stars on an everyday basis. In fact, it’s come to a point that we know everything about them…from the toothpaste they use to the hair dresser they go to, everything! We have all become movie toxic and we want to know more and more, thanks to the media and social networking sites.

In any case, given the rate at which technology is booming, I feel that all forms of networking will now become video forms and we will soon see Twitter become a video medium where there will be applications on phone etc. for celebrities to directly interact with their fans.

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