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China accuses Dalai Lama of 'betraying motherland'


AGENCIES | Beijing, November 12, 2012 20:55
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Amid the leadership Congress of the ruling Chinese Communist Party, China Monday lashed out at the Dalai Lama for backing Japan's claim to the disputed islands accusing him of colluding with right wing forces there to split the "motherland".

"The Dalai Lama's gummy performance once again shows his true colours of betraying his motherland and engaging in activities to split China under the guise of religion," Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told reporters.

Hong made the comments in response to a question about the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader's use of the Japanese name for an island chain claimed by both Beijing and Tokyo at a recent press conference in the Japanese city of Yokohama.

"In order to achieve his goal of splitting China, the Dalai Lama would rather collude with Japanese right-wing forces. His behaviour is despised by the Chinese people," Hong said.

He reiterated that China strongly opposes any country or individual providing platforms, in any form, for the Dalai Lama's separatist activities.

Hong said last Monday that China had lodged a solemn representation to Japan over the Dalai Lama's 10-day trip to Japan, starting November 4.

China in the recent past also launched a broadside against the Dalai Lama accusing him of instigating the escalating self immolation protests in Tibet against Chinese rule.

Top Tibetan officials attending the Congress here have been critical of the Dalai Lama as seven self immolation protests were reported in the past few days bringing bad publicity to the Party Congress, which currently underway to select new leaders to rule the country for next ten years.

China also expressed strong opposition to any UN monitors and slammed UN Rights panel for criticising the Chinese handling of protest in Tibet and the Tibetan prefectures.

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Posted By: Tenzin Yangchen | Dharamsala | December 20th 2012 | 12:12
I don't understand why Chinese government is accusing His Holiness the Dalai Lama of everything that endangers their stability. If he is invited for religious purpose, he will definitely go without a doubt because religious harmony is one of his three main commitments. And as for accusing him of separatist, it is because of few cunning people who always make ways for controversies in marring his name and in return getting lots and lots of money from the Chinese Government

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