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Chhuk-chhuk nightmare


TSI | Issue Dated: March 23, 2008
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Chhuk-chhuk nightmare A new kind of baby tunnel slide has been discovered in India. And no, you wouldn’t find it in any adventure park but rather is a part of our own transport system. A woman called Bhuri was travelling in a train to Ahmedabad. While in the toilet, she suddenly gave birth and the new born baby fell through the toilet chute and slid on to the railway track! Indian train toilets are usually simple tunnels that open to the tracks, and the baby who barely weighed 3lb easily slipped straight out. Bhuri’s brother-in-law, Arjun Kumar, reported that she had gone to the washroom in the night and unexpectedly delivered the eight to 10 week premature baby, and had fallen unconscious. When her relatives knocked at the door to check, she explained what had happened. Arjun immediately pulled the chain and informed the officials. Thankfully the baby was found by a guard on the railway tracks that they had crossed two hours ago, unhurt!
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