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TSI | Issue Dated: June 17, 2012, New Delhi
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Conjugal puzzle
The article “No love lost redux” (TSI, May 27) by Prashanto Banerji was explicably a superb piece on love and marital affinity. Though the issue of nuptial fidelity and perennial love has remained a puzzle for the people since time immemorial but what one cannot easily deny is the chemistry of conjugal relationship needs to be read beyond the conventional norms.
Shreeprakash Sharma,

Traff ic rules
This refers to the article by Prasoon S Majumder, “Economics of accidents” (TSI, May 27). The pathetic state of Indian Traffic Management has beem rightly highlighted. He has also aptly compared it with the conditions in the western countries. The basic fact lies in inadequate driving space. Invariably, the license granting authority does not study the road capacity while granting the permission. The traffic police is also not fully trained.  At times, they even ignore traffic rules in exchange of some easy cash. Further, it seems the government has no control over the licensing of two or three wheelers. However, traffic management is much better and improved in southern and western India than northern and eastern states. The condition in Delhi is much better, whereas it is in its worst in Kolkata. Thus, the government should implement programmes or chalk out plans to execute efficient traffic management and also put a check on the details before providing the license.

Of comebacks
Apropos to the write-up “Can comebacks work in Bollywood?” by Monojit Lahiri (TSI, Jun 3), the underlying message is quite apparent; unlike heroes, marriage and kids substantially erodes a heroine’s fan base. In Hollywood, married heroines like Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston and so still remain on top. Sadly, such roles are lacking in India for leading ladies who are willing to make a comeback. For most of the audience here, the heroine symbolises youth, sex appeal and glamour, attributes not  commonly associated with married heroines. But the amount of grace and talent Madhuri Dixit and Kajol have, the industry should earnestly endeavour to find roles fit for them. Withering away of such exceptional talents, is a huge loss.
Jaideep Sarkar
via email

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