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Auntie & her nose


TSI | Issue Dated: October 8, 2006
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Auntie & her nose Long accused of giving first world interpretation to third world events, the 84-year-old Beeb (BBC) seems to have woken up to the changing realities of ‘the other side’. In response to the stinging criticism of its failure to reflect multicultural Britain, the BBC’s ‘editorial executive of diversity’, Mary Fitzpatrick, said cultural accuracy in reporting was the organisation’s top priority. Like in the recent Molly Campbell – or Misbah Rana (the name she has now taken) – case, where a 12-year-old girl moved to Pakistan with her father against the wishes of her Scottish mother, the interpretation varied from ‘abduction’ to ‘forced conversion’. If the BBC intends to ‘change’, it should begin with its mind.
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