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Apps for Valentine's Day


KARAN ARORA | New Delhi, February 14, 2012 17:40
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Valentine Cam

This is a free Valentine's Day app for your iPhone and iPad. It lets you take a photo either shoot one from the device's camera or pick one from an existing album on the phone to give it an appropriate Valentine's Day treatment. With this app, you can touch up regular photos by giving them a slice of Valentine's Day spirit in the form of banners, effects, frames, and more. After saving a particular photo, Valentine Cam lets you immediately upload it on Facebook or email it, with just a single tap on the respective buttons. Photos manipulated by this free Valentine's Day app is a nice way to set the tone of the day with your partner.


Romantic Ideas

Here's another interesting app to add a bit of much-needed twist to your Valentine's Day exploits. It works best if you are absolutely clueless about what to do this Valentine's Day apps, or want to do something original or fresh to surprise your partner. The app has a pink backdrop and a customary heart. Romantic ideas appear one after another and they're some pretty good ones in there. These are just some of the ideas from this fun free Valentine's Day app.


Wiki How: Love Survival Kit

If you're someone who has recently fallen in love or an amateur as far as Valentine's Day is concerned, you cannot hope for a smarter alternative than this lifesaver of an app. It's like an offline wiki on romantic advice on pretty much every aspect, but that's not all. Apart from featured articles, the app also lets you tap into user-generated content and advice on love life in general.This app will tell you how to deal with awkward situations, tips on breaking up, etc., in a step by step manner. Download From Apple's App Store


The Love Scanner


Confused whether you're truly in love or just infatuated over someone this Valentine's Day? Well, just download this fun app on to your Android smartphone to unravel the mystery of your alleged romantic life. Launch the app to access some of its fun features: there's one that lets you scan your surrounding to see if “love is in the air” around you. This functionality comes with a radar-screen to detect “love” near you. And the love scanning feature lets up to four people to simultaneously touch the smartphone's screen to check how they rate on the app's love meter. Overall, the Love Scanner is a cool and fun app. Download from Android Market


Love Cupid

We don't wish yours or anyone's Valentine's Day celebration to turn into a boring affair. But if you feel and sense the special day is dragging on a little bit, you and your partner can share this addictive little game on an Android smartphone. And hopefully it will help you re-focus on the romantic day better.The aim of the game is to touch as many floating hearts that pop into the screen before the clock timer turns to zero. While you're on this quest, keep your eyes open for “rogue” hearts which if touched will end your game immediately. If you've ever played the game Fruit Ninja, you'll have no problem relating to Valentine's Day: Love Cupid, for the two games are almost the same. Download from Android Market



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