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Anna's movement reaches Himalayas


RAVINDER BAWA | Gangtok, August 23, 2011 10:22
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Hidden in the Himalayas, in the land of the Buddha, a supporter of Anna Hazare has taken upon him to represent Sikkim in the movement against corruption, which has taken over India. Y T Lepcha, 44, a farmer from Nimtar, 25 kilometers from Gangtok, has been on a fast without food and water for the third consecutive day. Lepcha explains, “Anna is 74 and I am just 44, if he can do it then I can also fast. What Anna is doing is commendable and it is clear from the fact that he has been able to garner so much support. Initially, I had decided to fast for three days but the deadlock between the centre and Anna Hazare is still on, so I am extending my fast for another week. And if by then also Anna’s demands are not met then I will fast-unto-death.”

Lepcha has just one mission- passing of a stringent Lokpal Bill which will be “the victory of the people of India”. “Sikkim may be far away from Delhi but it is also a part of India; when I saw Anna Hazare getting support from all sections I decided on behalf of the people of my state to join him. Anna Hazare is fighting for a noble cause and it is our duty to support him. By being hungry here in the mountains we are adding to Anna’s strength,” he said.

Winner of the Progressive Farmer Award from the government last year, Lepcha began fast alone but it is now taking shape of a smaller movement in Sikkim. Lepcha informs, “More and more people are coming here to express solidarity with me and the cause. People from South Sikkim district will be joining me soon. On August 24, a huge rally will be organised in Sikkim which will culminate by lighting candles. We, in Sikkim, are supporting Anna and have to fight corruption.”

 Lepcha , a resident of Nimtar, has told his family not to worry about him.  Lepcha has conveyed to his family that if he dies, it will be for the country. He spells out, “Corruption is a virus that affects the country’s health. It harms the common man the most as they lose out on all their rights.”

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