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America's Great Game and the shameful ruin of Syria


ARINDAM CHAUDHURI | New Delhi, September 6, 2012 16:43
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First it was Afghanistan, then Iraq, after that it was Libya and now Syria! The targets of US intervention in the civil war of the Middle East are never ending. The US supported (first clandestinely and then openly) the separatist movement in Syria and a civil war in full swing has been the result, a war that has brought with it violent confrontations between President Assad and his Islamist population. Sowing the seeds of instigation have been the hawks of American foreign policy like Fouad Ajami and many more (for the uninitiated, Fouad Ajami – advisor to the former United States Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, as well as close aide and associate of Paul Wolfowitz, former Deputy Secretary of Defence and lead architect of the Iraq war – had been a staunch supporter of the Iraq war)! And now, America is playing the same game in its war cry against Syria. If the Iraq war were to be a benchmark, then we clearly know that there is practically no repentance in the American establishment towards the destruction of Iraq, which was essentially carried out under a false pretext of Saddam Hussein allegedly possessing weapons of mass destruction – in fact the war was justified and defended in Washington, not even considering the fact whether Bush had the moral right to issue such a decree to attack another nation. In the same lines, America brought its one-time friend Libya literally to ruins by aiding the rebels against the government.

In politics, they say, history repeats itself! In July last year, by a 326-90 vote, the US senate passed a critical military spending bill, thereon allocating more than $600 billion for defence and military purposes. The bill specifically allocated money for training the US military for war with Iran. Furthermore, the bill included specific plans on mobilization of fighter aircraft, arms & ammunitions for war against Iran by all possible routes viz. sea and air.

Within a month after the military spending bill was passed, Obama ordered a new and highly incisive war strategy, which had its roots in this bill. Obama signed a secret order that empowered the US army to help Syrian rebels against the Assad government. This order will also allow CIA, in particular, to aid the rebels with all sorts of tools and techniques (including arms and resources) to fight Assad’s regime. To put it in better words, it would allow rebels to augment their revolt to a level of full-fledged war, of course with full support from America. US has now forced even its so-called fair weather allies – namely Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and many more – to help these rebels in all possible ways they can.

A New York Times report reveals thatCIA is now actively facilitating arms and weapons transfer to Syria via Turkey, which not only is adding fuel to the on-going friction but is also making the entire revolt extremely violent and tragic. This may force the current regime to use deadly weapons against the rebels, which in turn would act as a veil for the West to intervene and eventually declare a full-fledged war against the country. A UN report found out recently that war crimes and atrocities were being committed not only by the Syrian forces but also equally by the rebels; clearly, the war is playing exactly according to the tunes that America wanted. It finally doesn’t matter how the war escalates; as long as it does, America would have a justification for Iraq part II.

Interestingly, a broken Syria will fulfill America’s 2013 Iran war ambition too. With Syria’s collapse, Iran would be left isolated in the region and would have virtually no support. This very war would weaken Iran, a country that has been pushing for a new front in the northern tier of Middle East along with Syria and Lebanon; and these three countries would have been the key players in the region, which is the one of the leading reasons that has made America act against Assad.

Interestingly, ‘safety zones’ and ‘no-fly zones’ have already been created in Syria by United States, which is evocative of the run-up to the second Gulf war that flattened Iraq. The building blocks of military strikes are increasing with each passing day. Even though farsighted voices inside US are advising the establishment to withdraw from the region, the Obama administration in its desperate bid to win the November Presidential election would try to win some brownie points from its electorate by removing the perceived ‘villain’ in Syria.

Moving further, the reasons for America’s (and its allies) interest in Syria’s war is not confined to chopping up Iran but also includes their greed in expanding their ownership over oil and gas reserves. A recent US Geological Survey found around 100 trillion cubic feet of gas and 1.5 billion barrels of oil in the Levant Basin which interestingly also covers Syria. No other country, except for Syria, could have created issues for US and its allies if they were to indulge in energy exploration in the above mentioned basin. Thus, it becomes far more important to America that Syria be controlled by a puppet government that follows American diktats to the tee. For records, US has already imposed sanctions under the Iran Sanctions Act over the Syrian state-run oil company Sytrol, which apparently supplied fuel to Iran in the recent past! With Hillary Clinton openly meeting the so-called Syrian ‘opposition’ leaders in Istanbul in August 2012 and claiming that she was already planning for Assad’s ‘departure’, it’s a no-brainer how shamefully entrenched America wishes to be in Syria’s – and the Middle East’s – future governance.

As I mentioned earlier, if one traces back in time, everything that is happening in Syria is simply a rehash of the way that Libya and Iraq were destroyed, with leaders of both countries ignominiously dead. Almost a decade back, US attacked Iraq to overthrow the corrupt government and later installed a dummy pro-American government – today, America has a complete control over the entire oil reserve of Iraq. Similarly, it is exploiting Libya in all possible ways it can. And we’ve not even touched the topic of Afghanistan in all this. Is Syria too facing the American wrath because of the huge oil and energy reserves that its geography encompasses? Of course yes.

But in all this, American might end up paying a heavy price for their proxy wars in the Middle East. If US attacks Syria, chances are that Iran might get involved too. In that case, in a frantic bid to defend itself, Syria – or even Iran for that matter – can use chemical, biological or even other weapons of mass destruction that would cast disaster in the Middle East. And if the US openly starts a full-fledged war with Syria, Iran will have full justification to openly seek the nuclear weapons armament route. With the recent NAM summit showing open support to Iran and opposition to America, Iran has shown that it’s no spring chicken when it comes to international diplomacy. So America’s war with Syria clearly could be a self-defeating one with no solution of any problem in sight. With American establishment spokespersons increasing their threats to newer levels in August and September, the probability of US openly attacking Syria has increased to levels never seen before. America cannot be allowed to attack Syria! It’s not just entities like NAM, but entities like EU and UN which must immediately act against US. The world must stand together to halt Uncle Sam in its dangerous aggression right now.

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Posted By: Ravinder Rana | Sonipat | September 7th 2012 | 16:09
Don't think these countries really need USA's aid....there are many other nations seeking development and help...why doesn't Obama does something for them rather then playing dual games.
Posted By: Vinod | Ajmer | September 7th 2012 | 16:09
America alone has been disrupting life in the middle east countries.....what would it go through if all these countries unite against USA....that would be simply great.
Posted By: Pankaj | Jaipur | September 7th 2012 | 16:09
If Obama's administration is actually thinking of declaring a war, then I believe we are all doomed to even what might be possibly the out-break of WW3.
Posted By: Raman | Ludhiana | September 7th 2012 | 16:09
History does repeat itself...all this only makes a possibility of a World war III!
Posted By: Rohit | Laxmi nagar | September 7th 2012 | 15:09
Why is the U.S. arrogantly overconfident about what is right and wrong with other countries?
Posted By: Sachin | Punjab | September 7th 2012 | 15:09
War in the middle East has become an aggravating constant byproduct of the voracious appetite of US oil producers, refiners, arms and aircraft manufacturers.
Posted By: Rohit | Mumbai | September 7th 2012 | 15:09
US foreign policy is purely based on the desire to feed the politicians' paymasters by promoting war, debt and materialism.
Posted By: Gopal | Ludhiana | September 7th 2012 | 15:09
It indeed is the great American game that they have been playing for many years just to acquire the huge resources that these countries possess.
Posted By: Sanjeev | Sanjay colony | September 7th 2012 | 15:09
Ruling in other country is not the best of thing because its the citizen of that nation who are the ultimate sufferers.
Posted By: Ramesh | Gwalior | September 7th 2012 | 15:09
Everyone in the world knows what actually is America's motives.
Posted By: Santosh | Dwarka | September 7th 2012 | 15:09
I believe US should return to their own country and stop invasion of the middle east so that the world is a peaceful place.
Posted By: Rakesh | Kirti Nagar | September 7th 2012 | 14:09
Indeed its time for the world to stand together in unity to stop Obama's act!

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