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Aishwarya Nigam, Singer


PRAKRITI RAJ | New Delhi, March 22, 2014 14:13
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Why did you change your surname from Shrivastava to Nigam?
I am a big fan of Sonu Nigam. When I was in school, I wrote Nigam as my surname. From that time itself I became Aishwarya Nigam.

You come from a reality show. Please tell us if everything that's shown in the show is real?
No, not at all. Everything is scripted. The thing that matters the most is TRP.

Tell us about your struggling period.
I feel lucky in this aspect because I got everything that I wanted. I didn't have to struggle much. I feel blessed.

Your first love is Ujjaini Mukherji?
Yes. I met her in Saregamapa. Due to some reasons we are not together now but we share a good relation. Really I miss her a lot.

Are you going to vote for Lok Sabha elections?
Yes of course. I will vote for the first time and I am very excited about that. I will go to Muzaffarpur to vote.

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