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Aamir's Seasoned Run With Truth


TSI strikes an emotional chord with Aamir Khan as he talks about the second season of Satyamev Jayate.
TSI | New Delhi, April 4, 2014 18:26
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You’re starting the second season of your show, Satyamev Jayate. What all have you learned while doing the research?

The two big things for me have been that whenever people have worked collectively and have not thought individually or selfishly, we have seen prosperity. One of the best ways to do well socially or even for that matter economically, it affects everything. So in every way it is extremely beneficial for us if we work as a group, as a community and don’t think selfishly only for self benefit. The other very big learning is that, most of our problems finally boil down to the patriarchal thinking that we have as a society, men and women both and that is actually the root of many other problems whether it is domestic violence, dowry or honor killing. These are all going back to one root which is going back to the patriarchal thinking that we have. Two things I have learnt: empower women and work collectively.

You have reduced the number of episodes in the second season of Satyamev Jayate. Any particular reason for it?

Actually we have reduced the number of episodes this time as we are planning to go about it in 3 tranches. The topics are so heavy that we want you to consume it and stay with it for sometime. So we feel that more than 4 or 5 topics we don’t want you to absorb because there is a limit for absorption. Also we want to slow down the pace so you get the time to absorb 4 topics and then three months later we come with another four.

All the topics that have been discussed in the film are hard hitting. So were there times when maybe you could not speak about a certain issue due to some pressure?

There has been no topic that we have not chosen because of any pressure. Not a single one. Our choice of topics is not determined by the pressure against us that could come. That’s not why we pick or avoid topics. We get suggestions from our audience through our website. So all of that is put on the table and we discuss each of our topics. Some of us fight for a topic to be included. That is the process that we follow. This consideration is never brought in of what pressure would be there on us. If a topic is left out it is because the core team feels that the other topics are currently very important and we need to focus on these and they would make a dynamic difference. This is just what we feel. It is not right to say that one topic is important than the other. There is no such thing as that. We follow a process of discussion, arguments, fights and we arrive at what we should.

Is there any learning in regard to your own presentation of the show?

I actually presented the show in the manner that I am. One of the big criticisms I got, well not exactly criticism but one section felt that I cried too much. But that’s how I am. I am afraid but that’s how I am. I am a  very emotional person and I do have tears in my eyes when I hear a very heart breaking story and I cannot pretend otherwise. Even last time, there were times when I actually broke down but we didn’t show that because we don’t want 15 minutes of me crying on the show. But when I am talking in a conversation and there is a live two camera setup, at that point of time how I react is captured in real time. So that can’t be tampered with. 

You seem to have gotten in the recording studio to sing for the promotional song for Satyamev Jayate, Season 2.

This time our promotional song is actually a reflection of what we felt after season 1 where a lot of people got connected and joined with the show. The team which was shooting  travelled across India and reached to the people to say or sing a line for us. So it’s a collage from different people from different places across the country, different walks of life, different age groups, economic background. I think there are 3 or 4 shots of mine in the whole song so I have sung those 3 or 4 lines. The concept was that people are a part of this moment and have taken over the movement and we wanted to reflect that in our music video.

After seeing what the show was about in the first season, changes were seen across the country maybe a little for a start but what changes did you find in yourself after the first season of Satyamev Jayate?

My perception changed. I think I got a lot of knowledge during the process of making season 1 of the show. While researching for the show I came across a lot of things that I had no idea about and what laws are about a particular topic. All the knowledge that I got was a very big thing for me. With every topic, I used to be surprised and shocked with what I used to come across. Sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad way. Other than this, I think when I met people across the country, I got to learn a lot many things from them spiritually, emotionally, mentally as to how people are struggling with their life and they don’t even have any power in their hands be it political or monetary. But still they have immense internal strength, dignity and goodwill.

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