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A liberation from medicines


T. SATISAN | Cochin, February 20, 2012 21:01
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Illness and disease create painful and demoralization effect in our life. Therefore, since the dawn of human civilization various sorts of treatments and doctors glorified the realm of medical science. Reflexology is one among them. “Health at the finger tips” is the basic essence of this method of treatment. 
Reflexology is stillnot popular in Kerala. Healing Touch, a clinic run by Dr. Ansar, is the only professional institution in this field. Maintain the physical balance of the body and achieve diagnosis and treatment through it, all sans any medicine or ointment, is the motto of Dr. Ansar. The methodology is stabilizing the blood circulation and energise the body and liberate the patient from the mental tension.This is a padamarma (caressing the vulnerable areas of the feet) treatment. Dr. Ansar conducts the reflexology treatment with the support of acupuncture, acupressure, sujok therapy, zone therapy meridianology , aroma therapy, etc. 
Dr. Ansar maintains that hundreds of years back reflexologywas in common practice in China, Egypt, North America and India. Dr. William Ficks Gerald, celebrated ENT specialist devised reflexology. Physiotherapist Younus Ingam drafted rules and regulations and pictorial presentation for reflexology.
Dr. C.A. Anasar, who successfully runs the Healing Touch Reflexology & Holistic Health Centre in Kochi is a visually challenged person. Dr. Ansar, a registered medical practitioner, is a registered member of Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, Kolkkatta. He graduated in Panchakarma treatment from Jayendra Saraswathi Ayurveda College, Chennai. Later on he studied Zone Therapy, a Swedish massage and Sojok therapy. Afterwards he studied Foot Reflexologyfrom Mumbai and yoga from Banalooru. Next step was the study of reflexology, Thai massage therapy, massaging on neck and shoulder, aroma therapy from Thailand. By this time Dr. Ansar’s vision was gradually failing and lost it completely in 2006. But, it did not fail his caliber and personality. It did not demoralize him at all. His resolution was to concentrate in feet reflexology and make it big in it.
The basic principle of reflexology is that the vulnerable and essential points of all internal parts of human body is in the foot and in the hand. When pressure is given to every vulnerable point the functioning of the concerned internal organ becomes smooth. Dr. Ansar says that it removes the block between the vulnerable points and the internal organ. It accelerates the blood circulation. As a result the relative internal organ will get more energy. This will lead to the cure of the illness.
In this regard Dr Anasar possesses a picture showing the vulnerable points on the foot which are linked to the internal organs of human being. He says, that since reflexology is a holistic method of treatment patients having multiple diseases get cure to several diseases at the same time. Absence of side effects is an advantage of this treatment. Curing period time depends on the physical conditions of the patient. This system does not insist on any sort of restrictions. Chronic back pain, shoulder pain, migraine, etc. are subsided or curedwith two – three sittings. This was stated by the patients and their relatives. Political leader T.N. Sajiv is one among them. He was suffering from chronicle back pain. Now, he is a happy man. Mrs. Sucy Baby (68) was suffering from acute parkinson’s disease. She required two persons’ assistance on her either sides for managing to walk. She could not even pick up something from the floor. Allopathy and Ayurvedic treatments could not help her. Then she sought Dr. Ansar’s reflexology. She could see much difference after 3 – 4 sittings. Gradually she could walk, sans the assistance of others, with the help of a walker. Now, she can manage without walker, of course she has to catch hold of wall or door, etc. Her daughter Merin is satisfied with the improvement in her mom’s health. Sucy is the widow of a late retired civil engineer. 
Dr. Ansar does not claim that kidney-heart-liver ailments can be treated to total recovery and that too without surgery.But, he states that diseases subside gradually. Doctor believes that the block in the heart valve could be pushed out when the blood circulation is appropriated through massaging in the feet. He says that insomnia, mental tension, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, back pain, joints pain, etc. can be effectively cured. 
Dr. Ansar also believes that varicose, obesity, arthritis, fatty liver, etc. can be effectively cured by reflexology. Cancer patients can avoid pain killers. He visits the houses of paralytic stroke patients. Despite his visual disability he travels to distant districts as well for this purpose. 
Dr. Anasar who lost his eye sight imparts his knowledge to less fortunate, visually challenged brethren in the society. Narayanan, Suresh, Anish and Anoop are doctor’s such disciples. Since Guru as well as disciples are lacking sigh sight, doctor has devised a peculiar system of training,Guru places his foot on the lap of the disciple and vice versa. He massages the disciple’s foot and simultaneously explains the job and the effects. Disciple xeroxes the same. When he goes wrong Guru corrects him.
Dr. Ansar’s visitors’ book it self is a measuring rod to gauge the recognition his methodology gets. Super stars of filmdom, political bigwigs, business men, etc are in his clientele list. 
Medicines are just like food for many. The takers agree that what they consume is poisonous. The time has been awaiting a treatment methodology which is less risky, medicine free and side effects free. The ultimate goal of reflexology is to liberate the world from diseases as well as ill health and men from medicines.
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Issue Dated: Feb 5, 2017