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A wife can make a good husband


The wife of the future will handle a laptop and a ladle with equal ease
TSI | Issue Dated: May 13, 2007
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A  wife can make a good husband Kaushalya Reddy

Kuchipudi exponent A  wife can make a good husband From what I read these days in the newspapers, if the Indian male is not careful, there wonít be wives in the future (given the rate at which they are killing the girl child). But, on a serious note, the wife in India will play a glorious role, even more than her illustrious predecessors. Thus far, the role of the wife in the Indian society was seen as only that of a homemaker. Her activities were traditionally limited to the household activities of cooking, cleaning and caring for the family. However, the role of the wife in Indian society is evolving.

Things have begun to change with the onset of the 21st century. Wives have become more empowered and are equally involved in taking important decisions at home as well as the work place. They are no longer the demure average Indian wife of the past. They know exactly what they want and how to accommodate their aspirations in their life. For a woman to be a good wife, she should be able to blend her modern characteristics with traditional family values.

For instance, I and my sister are working professionals. We had a hard time keeping a thriving career going alongside a family life. But with a loving and understanding husband and children, we have been able to achieve both. I believe that a wife has to be independent and self reliant. This keeps a marital relationship thriving. The husband and wife should be able to connect intellectually and emotionally. This is necessary for them to respect and value each otherís love.

My sister Radha was already married to my guru, Raja Reddy. When my guru and I wanted to be married, my sister had no hesitation in giving us permission to do so. We are known as the Kuchipudi Reddy family and have lived happily as a family for so long. In the beginning, people found it strange that two sisters should be married to the same man. They were also surprised that we could keep our high profile social and professional life going in a harmonious manner.

With my experience, I can say that the Indian wife is capable of making good in whatever career she wishes to. She has enormous capacity for tolerance and wisdom. In the coming years, I think the Indian wife will take more space and guide events around her more forcefully. For instance, I think we will see far more wives in politics and many more wives taking chances as entrepreneurs. The wife in India has a keen understanding and sharp instincts for managing people and money Ė the principal requirements of politics and business. Given this fact, it amazes me that the Indian wife has played such a lowkey role in public and business affairs. I believe that this will be corrected in future. I also think that more wives will come forward in creative fields like art, writing and cinema, like they do in Europe and the US.

My endeavour with my husband and my sister in establishing a school of Kuchipudi dance has paid off. We have more and more students enrolling and that gives me great satisfaction. It also gives me gratification to see our children take to dancing of their own accord. It is true that all this demands a great deal from us as wives, but we are able to perform all our activities with dignity. As our society becomes more modern, I have no doubt that the wife will also mould herself accordingly. There is a lot to do, especially in the not so privileged areas of India, but the wife is a very strong force. This fact has been recorded in our mythology, and we will see that reality evolve before us. The modern and future wife will be able to handle the laptop and the ladle with equal ease.
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