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The Sunday Indian Online Magazine India in english Issue number: 62 , Dated : 19-Jan-2014 - The Sunday Indian
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Monday, July 16, 2018

Cover Story

Splendid Isolation

Ranjit Bhushan

You are as good in conducting foreign policy as your internal circumstances allow it to be. While democracies have to work around their diplomacy keeping local politics in view, what happened to India’s external affairs trajectory in 2013 and the fresh challenges it presents


Special Report

Not Enough to Die For

Mayank Singh

In the winter session of the Parliament, minister of state for home RPN Singh had some startling figures to disclose. He told the house that more than 9,000 personnel from India’s elite paramilitary forces had quit their jobs even in the uncertainity of severe....

Rape Recoil

Snehangshu Adhikari

Bengal is suddenly in the grip of anxiety from Siliguri to Sealdah, and it is not just the failing health of its dream girl and former matinee idol 82-year-old Suchitra Sen. The worry is consuming chief minister Mamata Banerjee as ...


The Hobbled Hobo

Prashanto Banerji

Wasn’t long into the afternoon when we first saw him… We were a little lost and needed to stop and ask for directions, but that hot summer afternoon, on that usually....



How 'Big Data' can(not) solve the talent issue for businesses

Steven Philip Warner

It’s not the sort of issue many would lose sleep over. Yet one that would have the souls of many-a-technocrat go uneasy. What do technology-driven recruitment softwares have to do with hiring the right talent? Some would say....



In Defence of Masala Movies!

Monojit Lahiri

IArt. Realism. Truth. Vision. Commitment. Belief. For years, a section of a "niche” crowd (filmmakers, critics, audience) had been doggedly championing the cause of the other cinema. A cinema that was clean



'Battling Begums' Costing B'desh

Amir Hossain

A world renowned political scientist, Arend Lijphart raised a query in his highly acclaimed book titled ‘Patterns of Democracy’ that "defining democracy as ‘a government by and for...



Of Sun and Serendipity

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

It is rather controversial to claim this in modern Europe, but going by the responses they gave to the Nazi war machine during World War II, there are distinctly....


Rear Window

Memories to Cherish

Firoz Bakht Ahmed

I would like to record here an account of the first Republic Day celebrations as told to me by my father, Nooruddin Ahmed in his own words: "As the nephew of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, (son of Azad’s elder brother Maulana Abu-n-Nasr.....



Advanced Malaise

Joseph E. Stiglitz

NEW YORK – Economics is often called the dismal science, and for the last half-decade it has come by its reputation honestly in the advanced economies. Unfortunately, the year ahead will bring little....


Far Pavilion

Erdogan's Ottoman Abyss

Mohammad Reza Noroozpoor

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is not totally wrong in claiming that certain countries are involved in magnifying the graft scandal case that has rocked his country in the past few days. He also noted that it is directly related.....


Book Review

Barons of Banking

KS Narayanan

Since currency became medium of exchange for delivery of goods and services, banks have played a crucial role in shaping the life of individuals, communities, institutions, nations and their economies for a long time now.


The Hundred Names of Darkness

Saibal Chatterjee

For readers that were mesmerized by the adventures of the stray cats of Nizamuddin in Nilanjana Roy’s debut novel (The Wildings), it can only be good news that the much anticipated sequel is out not all that long after they put down the first book. It has only been a year or thereabouts.


Movie Review

The Wolf of Wall Street

Ishan Raychaudhuri

They say false teeth do not a character make. Well, Jonah Hill proves false teeth can snap, bite and do naughty things as well. Scorsese on the other hand proves that he is still the best out there. The Wolf of Wall Street comes to you bang, bang, bang. There is no mollycoddling, Scosese doesn't do that. Instead, what you get is film making on a different level.



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