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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Cover Story

Dog's Life

KS Narayanan

More than a decade now, stories of India surging ahead impatiently trying to claim its long-sought status as an economic giant, with a burgeoning, acquisitive, consuming middle class has hit the headlines.

There is no data available on domestic helps

KS Narayanan

Inhuman exploitation of domestic servants should be discussed in the public domain. This alone will help create adequate laws to deal with culprits, says Ravi Kant founder member and president of Shakti Vahini, in an interview


Special Report

Sop Box

Suprabha NK

In run up to Lok Sabha elections, the Congress government in Karnataka is pulling out all stops. There are sops galore to woo the electorate, and for every sop the Siddaramaiah government

Special Story

One Man Army

Pramod Kumar

When Union minister and Congress leader Jairam Ramesh says that the 2014 General Elections is a fight between the Congress and the RSS, he is not too far off the mark.

Incipient rebellion

Anil Pandey

The Amethi parliamentary constituency in UP is pretty much a Gandhi family pocket borough. The seat currently represented by Rahul Gandhi was once held by his father Rajiv.


Will This dog Have it's Day?

Prashanto Banerji

Where do you reckon I might have last caught sight of a magnificent but rare animal teetering on the brink of extinction? Would it have been the deserts of the Thar or the rain soaked cloud forests in the east?



How private capital is trying to solve a social problem

Anirudh Raheja

It is almost always the biggest promise that we hear new politics make in India. And when politics does, capitalism can’t be far behind. Can it? Clean drinking water in India sounds more an innovation for the privileged than



Has The Crusader Overwhelmed The Salesman?

Monojit Lahiri

Its landmark stuff alright! A bride is getting dressed in wedding finery and walking towards the wedding area with a little girl. As the couple begin their saat pheres, the little girl, excited & restless, indicates she wants to join them



Opaque forex market?

Amir Hossain

The US Treasury Department confidently claimed in November 2012 that "the market for foreign exchange transactions is one of the most transparent and liquid global trading markets." It further added that


Sachin and whose army, eh?

Amir Hossain

When the whole nation was on breaking news edge due to the retirement of Sachin Tendulkar, one of the two greatest cricketers of modern times (Lara inarguably being the other one), news flashed that Sachin had been



Imaging India

KS Narayanan

Last month Delhites were taken a visual journey through the history of India’s freedom struggle and the making of a modern nation. Photographs by three master photographers were put up in an exhibition


Rear Window

Chak de India


When Babita 14, one of the 18 backward and poor Jharkhand girls who have recently won the third place in Spain’s Gasteiz Cup, scored the first of the two goals in a promotional match at New Delhi


Far Pavilion

Turkey's About Turn Moment


Since the beginning of the ongoing crisis in Syria, the position taken by the Turkish government on the situation in its southern neighbor has been quite different from the relations that Ankara maintained


Book Review

Young Tagore

Saibal Chatterjee

This certainly cannot be the last word, but it is definitely a word that counts for a great deal. Young Tagore: The Makings of a Genius, authored by Sudhir Kakar, is, as the book’s cover flap claims,


A White Trail

KS Narayanan

Communal hatred, communal tension and communal riots are end result of the Divide – Rule Policy adopted by Britishers in the Indian Sub-Continent. Thanks to pains of partition, both India and Pakistan have treated


Movie Review


Monojit Lahiri

Sanjay Leela Bhansali's gift for choreography & eye for spectacularly exotic visuals is known to anyone who has followed his oeuvre – with special reference to Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam & Devdas – but this



Issue Dated: Feb 5, 2017