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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Cover Story

Meet the new famous five


This bunch promises to emerge as the Famous Five after the 2014 verdict. That's because what they decide to do is bound to determine the future

The Twin Towers


When empires start crumbling, it is peripheral fiefdoms paying reluctant tribute that become the last bastions of crumbling loyalty. Now that history lessons have become intimately


Special Story

Shooting from the hip

Anil Pandey

Firebrand hardliner and junior Gandhi scion Varun, is set to play a larger role in the BJP’s election campaign in the forthcoming


Of Cats, gods and tides...

Prashanto Banerji

Anybody remembers Bizarro from Htrae, the square peg in the round planetary hole in that 'space' called DC comics, where everything that happens is opposite of how it might happen on earth



Do brands really matter to shareholders?

Manish Pandey

It was the late 1970s when magazines, tabloids and dailies across the globe – as if acting conspiratorially – bombarded the world with articles peddling the importance of brands



Chess - Maniacs

Monojit Lahiri

Chess is a battle of guile, wits, strategy, planning, anticipation – everything must be on full play. This can some times take its toll on the brain. And while world chess champion Vishvanath Anand's



In UP, we will repeat results of the 1998 polls


I have been given this responsibility because UP is the most politically crucial state in the country. It is not that BJP does not have



China is on the verge of reforms

Sray Agarwal

From November 9 to November 12, 2013, the Chinese Communist Party organised a historic plenary session of the 18th Central Committee to set the course of China's socio-economic future.


Say no to tobacco!

Amir Hossain

In November 2012, we inscribed an op-ed requesting the Indian government to not just ban gutka, but cigarettes too, citing statistics that proved how the issue was far more pressing than perceived



A varied Paronama

Saibal Chatterjee

In recent times, the Indian Panorama has found itself somewhat shortchanged. Yet, despite the erratic quality of the films that have made the cut over the years


Rear Window

Policy Issues


US retail major Walmart has recently opted out of the joint venture with Bharti to make fresh investments in the country which may adversely impact our economy in term


Far Pavilion

On A Slippery Wicket

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

If this often quoted maxim by Mao is relevant today at no place in the world is this more relevant than Bangladesh.



Ex judge in sex harassment case

Puja Awasthi

The Supreme Court has constituted a three-judge committee to go into the claims of a woman who has alleged that she was sexually harassed by


Punjab is most prosperous state

Puja Awasthi

Punjab is India's most prosperous state and Kerala its most equitable, according to a CRISIL Insight report. While prosperity was measured by ownership pattern of consumer durables, equality was measured by the


Growth remains low

Puja Awasthi

Industrial production posted a 2 per cent growth in September while inflation hit double digits at 10.09, underscoring the fact that a recovery is still far off, according to the Index of Industrial Production.


Companies scrimp on CSR

Puja Awasthi

Only one in four companies is spending the required 2 per cent of their net profit on CSR-related activities as required by the Companies Act 2013


UN Award for Polio worker

Puja Awasthi

Martha Dodray, a front line polio worker from Darbhanga, Bihar has been awarded the UN Foundation award for


Raj Mukherjee wins NJ Assembly seat

Puja Awasthi

Raj Mukherjee, 29, has won the State Assembly polls in New Jersey becoming one of the youngest to be elected to the house.


Outstanding American award to rahul jindal

Puja Awasthi

Rahul Jindal, a doctor of Indian, has been awarded the Outstanding American by Choice award for his contribution to US health sector.


Tarla Dalal

Puja Awasthi

Tarla Dalal of the easy recipes passed away at the age of 77. The Padma Shree awardee leaves behind a collection of over 17,000 recipes and 170 cookbooks.


Book Review

I am Malala

KS Narayanan

Last month many millions were disappointed when the Noble Committee chose the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons for peace prize instead


India At Risk

Mayank Singh

In recent times security has become the most discussed issue in the country. It covers a wide gamut


Movie Review

Thor 2: The Dark World

Ishan Raychaudhuri

Loki should have used a lot more and the 3D effects could have been a bit less. In fact, go watch it in 2D if you can



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