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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Cover Story

Detente, US-Pakistan style

Saurabh Shahi

Consequently, Pentagon reached out to its Trojan horse inside Pakistani administration, the then Islamabad's Ambassador

A Clear Case of Sabotage


Hopes for dialogue and a route to peace were dealt a bitter blow when Hakimullah Mehsud


Special Report

Unshackling the guillotine

KS Narayanan

The civil service, the country's steel frame and its backbone has for long been held to ransom by their marauding political masters.

Special Story

Rare bonhomie

Monalisa Gogoi

With elections approaching and a general anti-Congress sentiment prevailing in the air, North East India’s regional political parties,


Of lambs and lions

Prashanto Banerji

Cricket commentary on television has evolved into a fine art that is as entertaining as it is informative.



How marketers are invading the human mind

Manish Pandey

On one of those mirthful nights of his summer holidays, Sajan Raj Kurup, Founder & Creative Chairman of Creativeland Asia was grooving




Monojit Lahiri

Beyond cricket, showbiz & the sporting world too appear to be freaking out at Sachin Tendulkar's recent retirement news.



Wrong opinion on opinion polls

Sray Agarwal

The United Progressive Alliance, the governing coalition of India led by the Congress party had recently written to the Election Commission


Owing a home is a distant dream?

Amir Hossain

If you are planning to book a house today in India, especially in the National Capital Region (NCR)



Many shades of grey

Saibal Chatterjee

Romantic comedies have been a surefire box office bet ever since the movie moguls stumbled upon the ‘love conquers all’ formula and figured


Rear Window

Land of plurality


The Hindu-Muslim bond is mostly like milk and sugar. However, there are testing times when we have to be alert against divisive forces that are found in both communities


Far Pavilion

What's Cooking?

Said Khaloozadeh

Catherine Ashton, the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, is in the midst of a diplomatic flurry these days.



Political funding muddle

Puja Awasthi

One measure of the discomfiture that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is causing is the list of questions sent its way to probe the possible foreign source of its funding


Navy's first

Puja Awasthi

The Indian Navy has commissioned its first Advanced Light Weight Helicopter squadron, named the Indian Naval Air Squadron 322 at the Southern Command, Kochi.


Lion wars: Modi versus Akhilesh

Puja Awasthi

Speaking at his rally in Bahraich, Narendra Modi mocked UP's chief minister for asking for two Asiatic lions for the proposed safari in Etawah


Domestic help woes


The arrest of BSP MP Dhananjay Singh and his wife Jagruti for destroying evidence and murder respectively of their 35-year-old maid has once again put an


Parties say no to opinion polls


All political parties, save the BJP, have voted against publication of opinion polls during election season.


Red planet odyssey


As far as national pride tickling moments go, the launch of the Mangalyan was unparalleled. A flawless lift off from Sriharikota was applauded across the country with former president APJ Abdul Kalam dubbing it a "great mission”.


Book Review

Meeting the English

Arkesh Ajay

Anyone familiar with England of the 80s would be aware of the 'Hampstead novel'. The pejorative term refers to a series of self-consciously intellectual


Mughal-e-Azam: Legend as Epic

Saibal Chatterjee

It is perfectly befitting that writer Anil Zankar dedicates this monograph about one of the most memorable films ever made


Movie Review

Krrish 3

Ishan Raychaudhuri

In a metal tubing labelled "virus”, Kaal, the sadistic, telekinetic antagonist, keeps his, you guessed it, virus.



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