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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Cover Story

Raising a stink

KS Narayanan

India's leading political parties, the Congress and BJP, are at loggerheads on most issues, but none of them has created a stink of the kind witnessed recently...


Special Report

ULFA in disarray

Monalisa Gogoi

The United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) was formed in 1979, with the aim of creating a revolutionary people's movement that would help realise the democratic aspirations of the Assamese people. Never tiring of blowing the long foghorn about Assam's neglected status in the pantheon of Indian states, Front leaders spouted revolutionary fire and brimstone and dreamt of turning Assam into a sovereign state of its own. Their uncompromising faith and fervor in wresting justice for Assam won the heart of the natives,

Bend in the river

Mayank Singh

Within hours of landing in Beijing, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had inked the Border Defence Cooperation Agreement (BDCA) with China aimed at preventing face-offs between troops of the two sides on the 4,000 km Indo-China border which has reportedly seen several...


The Fitness Dive and the Ten Wharfs - V

Prashanto Banerji

There’s this strange thing about climaxes. The journey might be unknown but the destination is known. After all the climax is the reason why you got started in the first place. Through every curve on every winding road to wherever you want to go, you expect it. Through every shock and surprise and exclamation of delight or horror, the only guarantee is the climax, or at least you sure hope so. The nature of the journey, the lessons and experiences, tactile, intellectual and spiritual, prepare us ...



A different way of building brand equity

Manish Pandey

Twenty one-year-old Tamkin Khan greets you warmly with a friendly smile when you visit the Costa Coffee store, located in the tony Green Park area of New Delhi. Using expansive hand gestures, he can be seen ushering guests to their tables while politely gesturing others to wait if the tables are all taken....



Lights! camera! action! Bolly Awards, 2013, Haazir Ho !!

Monojit Lahiri

It is that time of the year again when the awards tsunami explode and flood, fullon! Reports indicate that between Jan-June 2011, there is likely to be a torrential flood of close to [believe it or not?] 175 Awards Functions!!....



Making CSR more sustainable

Sayan Ghosh

Business entities professing and working for the public good are not uncommon, even in India. From the time modern form of business started in India back in the 19th century, Indian business houses like the Tatas, Birlas, Singhanias and the Godrej have been practising philanthropy by spending a part of their profits for social and religious causes. Later on in the 20th century, even Gandhi highlighted the moral virtues embedded ...


Direct Selling: Boon or Bane?

Sray Agarwal

What can be the right measure of B2B growth in India in the generations ahead? Going by the fact that today a major part of B2B transactions take place online, the role of B2B transaction can’t be ignored. With internet transactions growing exponentially every year, the usage and reliability ....


Rear Window

Geopolitics : The Future of Afghanistan

Rahmatillo Ahmedov

One of the negative manifestations of developments in Afghanistan is tied to the failed negotiation process between the US and Taliban on an official opening of a Taliban representative office ....


Far Pavilion

Honey, I shrunk the Gop

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

The US shutdown finally got over after a little over two weeks and from political pundits to economic analysts; everyone took a sigh of ...


Drop Anchor

Toilet Tales From Far And Wide

KS Narayanan

Though 'shit matters' is an issue that needs our attention in terms of personal and community hygiene and the well being of entire humanity it does not get all ....


Book Review

Phoenix redux : The Undercover Economist strikes back

KS Narayanan

Economists come from different schools of thought and specialisations. Of course most economists are well read and widely read. It is a different matter none of their policy prescriptions, neither works nor is it easy to comprehend by one and all. There are a few economists by training who make a lot of sense of the way economics around us. One of the prominent economists ...


Maddaddam : Rollercoaster Dystopian Ride

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

In the 2009 Greek Drama Film Kynodontas (Dogtooth), a couple forcibly keeps its three young adult children inside the confines of the house in order to keep them unaffected the "impurities of the outside world.” To achieve that they plan elaborate surreal arrangements which involve giving completely new meaning to new words that the children happen to listen by mistake, in order to make them believe that such a thing...


Movie Review

Captain Phillips : Pirate Rockstar

Ishan Raychaudhuri

It begins tense but calm. The MV Maersk Alabama sails off from the port of Oman with its cargo through the Gulf of Aden to Mombasa. On board is Capt. Phillips (Tom Hanks) and his crew. Then it all begins. Pirate leader Muse ....



Monojit Lahiri

It is heartening to see such a wide variety of cinema in today’s moviescape, embracing the sublime, ridiculous and everything in between with passion & purpose! So for every Chennai Express & Boss, there is a Shahid, Pan Singh, Kai Po Che, Barfi & Kahaani – more power to this diversity!



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